Pluto Though the Zodiac Signs

Published December 28, 2018 by Paradise Kendra

Pluto in Cancer : (1913 – 1937)

Rise in prosperous families, population expansion, and economic expansion. Transformation of intimate family structure. Rise of women working. Drastic drop in Nazi occupations and Irish, Italian, and Jewish communities rise in the USA.

Achievements of the Pluto in Cancers included saving us from a world that could’ve been taken over by the likes of dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, as well as providing us countless heroes; such as ‘The Monuments Men’.

The Golden and Silver Ages of Hollywood would forever change the planet.

This generation was so great that Pluto did them the honor of being discovered in the sign of Cancer, which is America’s natal Sun sign.  Family, home, God, and country are all sacred to this generation.  This era did everything within their power to make sure we still have America today.

Pluto in Leo : (1937 – 1957)
Pluto is exalted in the sign of Leo ♌️

Emphasis on human confidence and individual freedom. Rise in the expression of youth, flamboyance, fun, and the creative arts.

The Golden Age of Rock and Roll, the British Invasion, the evolution of television, and the day the Moon went from being a place instead of an object are just a few of the achievements of the Pluto in Leos.

Pluto in Virgo : (1957 – 1972)

Transformation of the functional world. Rise of occupational and technological advancements, tightening of corporate policies and government regulations.

Exponential rises in credit card spending. Over indulgences in all forms –> power, status, money, bling, pornography, nightclubs, cocaine, glamour, etc.

Updates to the healthcare system is attributed to the Pluto in Virgos.

Pluto in Libra : (1972 – 1984)

A transformation of relationships and sex roles. Rises in technology; also a rebirth in harmonious communication, romance and sexuality.

The invention of the Internet / Social Media, Marriage Equality, the Revival of Feminism, the Goddess Rising and Peace Movements are achievements of the Pluto in Libras.

Pluto in Scorpio : (1984 – 1995)

Fascination in the strange, disturbing, grotesque, and the macabre. Rise of paranoia and violence, suspicion of governments, and mass surveillance. Also the birth of the AIDS crisis.

The number of people with different sexual orientations skyrockets with Pluto transiting its natal house of Scorpio.

Mobile texting increases dramatically among Pluto in Scorpios as it maintains a good way to keep themselves hidden, as more direct forms of communication remain less preferred during the first quarter of their lifetime.  Sexual romance decreases as technology overwhelms the population.

Scorpio generation does not believe in privacy. There’s no such thing. Nothing is taboo.  Nothing is sacred.  Enormous levels of crime and violence erupt within this generation; from terrorism to assaults to rape (all three of which the sign of Scorpio rules).

This placement of Pluto in its own dark house of Scorpio tucks this generation so far into the darkness that this placement is often referred to as the ‘eleventh hour of hell’.  There is no light, no humor, no sunshine, no hope, and no way out according to this generation.  They are the anti-Leo generation.  There will be no ‘summers of love’ or ‘fun in the sun’ for the Pluto In Scorpios.  This generation will experience and participate in one of the darkest times in human history.  And yet, the Scorpio generation wouldn’t have it any other way.  Scorpio is the one sign that revels in its pain, darkness, and destruction.

The Scorpio generation mocks the Leo generation, and although it’s not a new theme that younger generations should look down upon those that came before, when it comes to the Scorpio and Leo generations, we have a bit of a role reversal in ‘youthful’ behavior.

The Leo (Baby Boomer) generation is about self-expression, freedom, joy, sunshine, creativity, lovemaking/romance, power to the people, positive change, self-will and ability, while the younger, Scorpio (Millennial) generation is about death, the dark side of sexuality, hopelessness, depression, destruction, despair, regeneration, the blurring of genders and identities, invasion, and isolation.  Both are equally powerful signs, both fighting to rule opposite sides of the universe.  Leo generation rules all our light while Scorpio generation rules all our dark.  Therefore, Baby Boomers remain more joyous than the younger Millennials, for they literally rule the light.

On the plus side, vast progresses made in the archeological, marine biology, and anthropological fields are attributed to the Pluto in Scorpios.

Pluto in Sagittarius : (1995 – 2008)

Transformation of global interconnection. Rise in religious terrorist-groups. Fanatics, preachers, liberal extremists, and converters will be on every corner, and on every website. (Be sure to wear some garlic!)

[Remember Sagittarius is a traditionally open minded and liberal, until it becomes fanatical, then it can become far more dangerous than any conservative authority. Give them a shot of the deadly Plutarian energy and you could be in real danger. Positively, you could be majestically protected.]

Optimism will also be on the rise. Keep a lookout for it!

Pluto in Capricorn : (2008 – 2023)

Transformation of national structure. Rise in interest of political infrastructure. A resistance may occur during this transit between these (and several other) dominants: Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Pluto is seeking to kill off whatever is in its path that it deems unnecessary, so it may rebuild from scratch. But as frustrating as Capricorn might feel to us, she is our spine, the roots of our tree, and the foundation of our house.  Before making a sweep of mass destruction, take a deep breath and remain steady at the wheel.  Destroy institutions as a last resort, not as the first.  Instead, try mending them.  Fix what’s broken instead of swiftly removing it.

We must remember to rely on Capricorn even as we defy it.


Paradise Kendra

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