Are your Rising Sign and First House the same?

Ascendant - Rising SignYour Rising Signor Ascendant, is DIFFERENT than your first house. The Rising Sign characterizes how your respond and react, and who you represent yourself to be. It is known as the “ruler of the chart” because it is the lens through which you see the world. It is the axis point through which all of your other planets are expressed. 

If your Ascendant is not being utilized correctly, your chart will be stressed, which can result in a weakened self confidence and a confused sense of direction.  

Even if you have a 29 degrees Pisces Ascendant with a stellium of Aires planets in the first house, all of those Aires planets have to go through your Pisces Ascendant. • The Ascendant and its ruler are always the initial hit!

And what is a stellium? A stellium is a multiple conjunction of planets. It’s a close cluster of three or more planets in one sign and/or house. The planets are clumped together (within 0 to 5 degrees). This puts an energetic emphasis in the sign and house where it is concentrated.

  • A stellium in the natal chart could indicate…
    • a place of personally, intensely focused energy
    • higher passions or life long purposes within that sign/house
    • extreme power, strength, or obsession within the activities of that house
    • laser-like focus on a single area of life

“Astrology is the natural therapeutic language for psychology.”Paradise Kendra

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