Why Get a Relocation Chart?

  A relocation chart shows the potentials of the individual as likely to be experienced at the new location.

Whenever you move to an area in the world that is more than 100 miles from your birth, your chart is affected and planetary placements change. Your mission in life can change.  In your natal chart, your Sun could be in the 1st house, however your recent move to Florida placed your Sun in the 4th House, amplifying up your emphasis in all fourth house matters.  Family probably matters more to you.  You feel more at home.  Your ability to own a home is easier with this relocation. 

Are you moving?  Do you have a few potential relocation locations but you’re not sure which one might be best for you?  Have your relocation chart done in those different cities and see where the planets fall in contrast to your natal chart.  You can have Relocation Charts drawn for anywhere in the world to find the best place for your to live, given your mission.

Your natal chart never changes.  It is your astrological DNA.  No event nor relocation can change where the stars were the moment you were born.  That’s yours and yours alone.  However time (progressions) and relocations add new layers to the natal chart, just as life changing events also add new layers onto whom we already are.  They spark different energies and responses in all of us, yet our natal chart remains our constant.

If you want to experiment as to where the best place to live might be, you could “move” the chart around different locations to discover which houses become strengthened where. 

If your purpose is to run a highly successful business, a Relocation Chart will tell you where in the world you would be most successful in accomplishing this mission. If you discover your purpose is to have a successful marriage and family, a Relocation Chart can pinpoint, within 100 miles, where you would be most at home.

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  1. name
  2. city/country birth location
  3. time of birth
  4. preferred form of payment

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2 comments on “Why Get a Relocation Chart?

  • Concerning relocated charts, I was wondering wouldn’t it be more accurate if you took the progressed relocated chart as a point of reference instead of the natally relocated one ?
    For instance, if I relocate my natal chart to a certain place it doesn’t seem good at first, but then if I look at the progressed relocation chart, it seems better at that location than my progressed chart in my natal location. ( was just tinkering with https://horo.io/ ; I put a different birth place and then went to progressed chart, saw a big difference, seemed I would be happier there than here at this age).


  • Oh you can absolutely do a relocation chart in reference to your progressed chart. In fact I highly recommend doing a relocation chart with both your natal and progressed chart. It will show how this move and new place will effect the person you are now (progressed) with the person you are (natal).


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