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"Live out your imagination, not your history." ~ Stephen Covey

Astrology Chart Readings

My vocation is to show you the cosmos at the exact moment you were born and then interpret for you how you can best utilize your very own ‘solar system’ (AKA natal chart) to be the super star of your life!  Become the brightest star in your galaxy– literally!

Astrology Charts + Rates

  • Birth (Natal) Chart = $15 
    • + 30 Minute Consultation/Written Analysis = $120
  • Synastry / Relationship Chart = $50
    • + 30 Minute Consultation/Written Analysis = $125
  • Birth + Transits Chart = $25
    • + 30 Minute Consultation/Written Analysis = $145
  • Birth + Progressed + Transit Chart = $30
    • + 30 Minute Consultation/Written Analysis = $175
  • Relocation Chart = $25
  • Follow Up Consultation = $100

Consultation + Analysis

  1. A physical/digital copy of your chart
  2. An astrological interpretation of all your planet placements and aspects
  3. An astrological interpretation of specified life topics or chart areas

I offer astrology readings by telephone, Skype (for out of country calls), and in-person if you’re in the Northern Virginia area. 


Astrology Consultations

(For clients who already have their chart calculated and need an interpretation.)

  • 30 minute check-in, for returning clients only: $100

3 Things I’ll Need to Calculate Your Chart

  1. Your Birthday – (Example)  September 5th, 1975
  2. Exact Time – (Example)  5:43 AM
  3. City of Birth – (Example) Seattle, Washington

That’s it!  If you already have this info and want to proceed, send it right over to!  If there is a specific area of life you’re interesting in discussing, do inform me and I’ll be sure to focus on those areas of the chart during the interpretation.

If you don’t know your time of birth, your natal chart can still be done, but it will be an incomplete picture of your personality.  Your house alignment, Ascendant and Moon will not be accurate, however the rest of your planets will be in the correct signs. 

If you’re unsure where to look, check your birth certificate, your baby book, and any hospital files from your trip home from being born.  Also, your mom will most likely remember!  🙂

My schedule is typically booked
two to four weeks in advance, however I usually have reports completed within 1-4 weeks. I begin interpreting once I have confirmation of payment. Thank you. 

Schedule An Appointment

Questions?  ☎

I accept payment in the form of cash, personal check, and PayPal.


Astrology Index  ☄


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