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"Live out your imagination, not your history." ~ Stephen Covey

Astrology 101

Astrology Clock

Astrology — both an art and a science, deals with the effects that the planets have on the human being.

The natal chart is a photograph of the cosmos at the moment of birth.  It acts as a personal road map, providing effective explanations for the challenges we take on.

Astrology gives us insight into our unique personalities and describes with accuracy our strengths and potentials.

“Astrology is the
natural therapeutic language for psychology.”

Planets and Asteroids

☉ Sun
☽  Moon ☾
☿ Mercury
♀ Venus
♁ Earth
♂ Mars
♃ Jupiter
♄ Saturn
♅ Uranus
Ψ Neptune ♆
♇ Pluto
⊕ Part of Fortune

Zodiac Signs

♈ – Aries
♉ – Taurus
♊ – Gemini
♋ – Cancer
♌ – Leo
♍ – Virgo
♎ – Libra
♏ – Scorpio
♐ – Sagittarius
♑ – Capricorn
♒ – Aquarius
♓ – Pisces

“The planets are the actors on the stage. The houses are the stage, the signs are the scenery…” –
Suzanna Cole, Astrologer

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