Sex Toy Party Games



The most successful party games are the ones that get the women up out of their seats, moving around and laughing like crazy. This way, when they sit down again, there are no reservations and they can enjoy the party demo.  🙂

Granny Panties

Fruit of the Loom Women's 10 Pack Cotton Hi-Cut Panties Size 13The “Granny Panties” game involves the easy purchase of “Fruit of the Loom Women’s 10 Pack Cotton Hi-Cut Panties Size 13 or as large as you can find at your local Target, Walmart, also, etc. Assorted pack is my preference.  


  • At the party, create two teams and have the ladies stand in single file lines.
  • Whip out a pair of the huge Granny panties.
  • Joke about how critical women tend to be over their underwear as you show them the ridiculously unflattering pair you’ve brought.  You’ll have them laughing and feeling better about their underwear in seconds.
  • Tell them, “I know you think your underwear isn’t sexy.  ‘Oh I have the ugliest panties.  My panties are so big and old fashioned.  I’ve got granny panties.’  No you don’t.  THESE are Granny Panties!” as you fling the panties around your finger.  (Keep it funny and over the top!)
  • Hand a pair to first lady in the line on the two teams.
  • Explain that they’re going to have a race in which they pull the panties up over their pants to their chin (or as high as they can manage), racing the panties down their entire row of girlfriends–back and forth two times!
  • They’ll race the panties back and forth, TWICE, and when the panties reach the final lady the second time, she has to throw them up into the air triumphantly and shout, “I LOVE SEX!”
  • First team to get the panties down their team of ladies wins a prize!


Blow Down Low

  • Pair the ladies up together in teams of 2.
    • If there’s an extra lady left over at the end, YOU as the party consultant will partner up with her!
  • Provide each team of 2 a Trustex lubricated flavored condom You can purchase these from the fabulous!
  • Have one partner blow the condom up as fast as she can and tie it in a bow.
  • Have her pass the tied up condom to her partner who will then put it between both their legs and they race to blow/pop it before anyone else — NO hands allowed!
  • Laughter erupts as the various creative positions and strategic ways of “condom breaking” occurs!

Winner gets a prize!

Note: Be sure to buy both lubricated and flavored. I buy a 50 pack off of, more bang for my buck, so to speak! Have FUN!

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