Pluto Generational Eras : Pluto in Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

PlutoCafeAstrologyPluto in Leo Era (1939-1958)
“The Rock Star”


The “ME” generation is a generation that has a very proud and self-reliant attitude. You are a generation that is very concerned with self-development and personal integrity. Women’s rights and minority rights are issues that your generation has fostered and they reflect your concern with individual respect, integrity, and honor. Your age group has a deeply felt sense that each person has an equal right and opportunity to fully develop his or her inner potential.

However, your group also finds it difficult to be part of a team, which makes group efforts difficult; you tend to see the individual as more important than the group.  This is a completely differently way of looking at our culture than in our parents’ era! Children were to be “seen and not heard” and the thought of individual expression in terms of fashion, rock ‘n’ roll, and education were all new and frankly terrifying to the Pluto in Cancers, AKA Adaptive: Silent Generation.

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An Open Letter to Facebook: Revise Your Nude Photography Policy

An Open Letter to Facebook:

I am deeply concerned with your policies on nude photography and imagery. According to your current standards, photos of topless women or semi-naked men are prohibited, as are any photos of lovemaking, yet your corporation approves of images of mutilated and scarred breasts/genitals.

This is shocking.

Anyone who has experienced rape, assault, cutting, or mutilation will tell you that it is traumatizing to scroll down one’s timeline and see explicit photos of mutilated bodies.

Would you show an assault survivor photos of his or her perpetrator over and over and say it was in the name of “campaign advocacy”? No, of course not. So why are you supporting uncensored mutilation photography?

It greatly supports a corrupt value system when imagery of hacked body parts is acceptable for children in the eyes of Facebook, yet photos of naked flower children running free in a field is deemed too traumatizing.

Passionate pleasures, nude photography, (including bodouir and lovemaking photography) is not too frightening for people to handle. On the other hand, images of mutilated body parts is unacceptable. A 6-year-old child should not be exposed to graphic and violent mutilation imagery.

This policy also encourages shame of the body and shame of lovemaking. It slowly desensitizes our minds to images of violence, eventually making us more accepting of physical violence. The breastfeeding-only policy reminds women that she may only display her body if it’s in the ‘service of motherhood’ – not for her own freedoms and pleasures. 

Please reconsider your nude photography policies as well as your unrestricted approval of violence-induced mutilation imagery, mastectomy mutilation imagery, and breastfeeding photography.

Violence, at any age, is always more disturbing than pleasures …. always.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.


Ms. Hadley Elizabeth Hunter Hawks
“Paradise Kendra”

Disable “Are You Still Watching” Pop Up on Netflix via Internet

“Are You Still Watching”

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You get several episodes into a full-season Netflix power watch session and then … a message pops up to ask “Are You Still Watching”.

How to Stop Netflix From Asking “Are You Still Watching?”

My sister is the worst when it comes to power watching on Netflix. She always falls asleep while watching — it doesn’t matter which show — and I’m pretty sure she spends more time on the “Are you still watching this show?” message than actually watching anything! For her, the message does its job.

But for the rest of us, that message is nothing more than a nuisance. Are you as sick of having to click the “Continue watching” button as I am? If so, you’ll want to download and install the Flix Assist extension for Chrome.


This extension only does two things but it does them well:

  • It removes the “Are you still watching?” message.
  • It removes the next episode countdown.

Now you’ll be able to watch your Netflix shows without any more of these interruptions that pop up at the worst times and kill all of the built-up dramatic tension. And while the removal of the next episode countdown seems insignificant, it does add up over time.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help if you watch using a streaming device or if you watch Netflix on a smart TV, but those external viewing methods usually don’t have this message in the first place so you should be good to go there.

As an aside, note that Netflix recently decided to crack down on VPN watchers. If you’re having trouble accessing Netflix’s full video library, consider using this app that opens up the entire library no matter which country you’re in.

What do you love most about Netflix? What do you hate most about it? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments below!

Image Credit: Netflix via Shutterstock

Written by Joel Lee for MakeUseOf.


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Pluto Generational Eras

Pluto in Cancer ♋ (1913 – 1937)

Rise in prosperous families, population expansion, and economic expansion. Transformation of intimate family structure. Rise of women working. Drastic drop in Nazi occupations and Irish, Italian, and Jewish communities rise in the USA. Vast number of patriotic heroes; such as ‘The Monuments Men’.

One of the greatest achievements of the Pluto in Cancers was protecting America from a world that could’ve been overtaken by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and securing a free and prosperous homeland.

Pluto in Leo ♌ (1937 – 1957)
Pluto is exalted in the sign of Leo ♌️

Emphasis on human confidence and individual freedom. Rise in the expression of youth, flamboyance, fun, and the creative arts.

The Golden Age of Rock and Roll, the British Invasion, the evolution of television, and the Moon landing are just a few of the achievements of the Pluto in Leos.

Pluto in Virgo ♍ (1957 – 1972)

Transformation of the functional world. Rise of occupational and technological advancements, tightening of corporate policies and government regulations.

Exponential rise in credit card spending. Over indulgence everywhere –> power, status, wealth, bling, pornography, nightclubs, cocaine, glamour, fitness, etc.

Updates to the healthcare system is attributed to the Pluto in Virgos.

Pluto in Libra ♎ (1972 – 1984)

A transformation of relationships and male/female roles. Rises in technology; also a rebirth in harmonious communication, romance and sexuality.

The invention of the Internet / social media, marriage equality, the revival of feminism, goddess rising and peace movements are achievements of the Pluto in Libras.

Pluto in Scorpio ♏ (1984 – 1995)

Fascination in the strange, disturbing, grotesque, and the macabre. Rise of paranoia and violence, suspicion of governments, and mass surveillance. Also the birth of the AIDS crisis.

Vast progresses made in the archeological, marine biology, and anthropological fields are attributed to the Pluto in Scorpios.

Pluto in Sagittarius ♐ (1995 – 2008)

Transformation of global interconnection. Rise in religious terrorist-groups. Fanatics, preachers, liberal extremists, and converters will be on every corner, and on every website. Vegans, social justice warriors, religious fanatics, oh my!

Optimism will also be on the rise. Keep a lookout for it!

Pluto in Capricorn ♑ (2008 – 2023)

Transformation of national structure. Resurgence against multinational corporations.

Rather than heal or repair (as Virgo would do), Pluto’s method is to simply destroy and rebuild from scratch.

Pluto in Capricorns are ethical, but tend to lack empathy and heart. For many members of this age group, it is as if they were cut off from their deeper, emotional side. It is important not to let this tendency become too unbalanced, as it can lead to a harsh, insensitive attitude, and a tendency to become involved in corrupt and unethical practices.

Transit and Progressed Pluto in Capricorn Opposes US Chart’s Natal Sun in Cancer

When Pluto in Capricorn transits the US Chart’s natal Sun in Cancer, Pluto seeks to destroy our foundation; possibly with devastating consequences.  We reject our past, our customs, our entire lives up until this point.  We experience brutal anger and rebellion against our own country, our own people, and we seek the opposite extremes in as many situations as possible.

Capricorn rules customs, class, manners, tradition, elegance, legacies, the familiar, old money, history, preservation, etc.  The destructive nature of Pluto may wipe away decades of our customs and history, businesses, successes, and family traditions.  Inheritance and knowledge from parents to children may no longer be passed down generation to generation.  The complete destruction of the middle class may occur during this transit.

If we’re not careful, it won’t just be history and customs that will be lost.  It will be our knowledge, our memories, and our people.  No human being exists without also having a past.  Therefore, no people nor country can exist without a past or a history either.

As restrictive and non-progressive as Capricorn might feel, she is our spine, the roots of our tree, and the foundation of our proverbial house.

We must remember to rely on Capricorn even as we defy it.

Paradise Kendra
(703) 615.5328

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States That Have Decriminalized Marijuana 

The following states have passed laws decriminalizing certain marijuana possession offenses. Typically, decriminalization means no arrest, prison time, or criminal record for the first-time possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal consumption. In most decriminalized states, these offenses are treated like a minor traffic violation.

Alaska *
Colorado *
Delaware **
District of Columbia *
Minnesota ****
Missouri *** ****
Nevada ****
New York
North Carolina ****
Ohio ****
Oregon *
Rhode Island

* Voters in each of these jurisdictions have subsequently approved legislation legalizing the adult use and personal cultivation of cannabis

** Delaware’s decriminalization law takes effect December 18, 2015

*** Missouri’s decriminalization law takes effect January 1, 2017.

**** These states still classify marijuana possession offenses as criminal misdemeanors, but the offenses do not carry any threat of jail time.

Join movements like NORML to help decriminalize marijuana in all states! ✌🏻️🌴🌻🍄☮


NORML: States That Have Been Decriminalized 


Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll,