Pluto Generational Eras : Pluto in Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio


Pluto in Leo Era (1939-1958)

“The Rock Star”

The “ME” generation
is a generation that has a very proud and self-reliant attitude. You are a generation that is very concerned with self-development and personal integrity. Women’s rights and minority rights are issues that your generation has fostered and they reflect your concern with individual respect, integrity, and honor. Your age group has a deeply felt sense that each person has an equal right and opportunity to fully develop his or her inner potential.

However, your group also finds it difficult to be part of a team, which makes group efforts difficult; you tend to see the individual as more important than the group.  This is a completely differently way of looking at our culture than in our parents’ era! Children were to be “seen and not heard and the thought of individual expression in terms of fashion, rock ‘n’ roll, and education were all new and frankly terrifying to the Pluto in Cancers, AKA Adaptive: Silent Generation.

You also defy authority and often feel that no one has the right to tell you what to do. The strong movement to resist the draft during the Vietnam War is one example of your age group’s strong sense of individual rights and freedom.

Your age group has popularized the idea of self-development, and has contributed a great deal to the development of individual potential as well as human rights. However, there is also a tendency to be rather self-centered; others may wonder how you can spend so much time developing yourselves and have so little time to contribute to your families!

The interest in personal development also sometimes manifests as a fascination with particular individuals and a great deal of hero worship. Every generation, of course, has lots of idols, but your generation is particularly prone to needing a specific individual to represent and embody an idea or feeling, and to serve as a focal point of interest. Perhaps the most extreme example of this is the concept of the guru that was popularized by your age group.

Pluto in Virgo Era (1957-1972)

“The Worker”

Pluto in Virgos are driven by the need to find an ethical standard and a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong. There is a subconscious drive to straighten out all the world’s evils and create a world of perfect order.

There is a feeling of repulsion to anything ugly, dirty, or grotesque. Oddly enough, there is also often a fascination with these very things that are so distasteful, and often a feeling of hopelessness and despair about the world’s condition.

These inner, emotional and conflicting qualities are reflected in the attitudes and life styles of your generation. Most people of your age group are conservative and ethical, and a small minority goes to the opposite extreme and relishes being strange, unusual, sloppy or grotesque in manners and appearance. There seems to be no middle ground for your generation.

Usually, the rebellious type of behavior comes out during adolescence, and tends to subside thereafter. Your age group tends to be very conservative in later life.

Your age group is not very good at compromising about those ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Puritanical extremes are a commonplace in your generation and separation in relationships stem from this uncompromising drive to rid the world of harm.

Certainly, fostering good works is very commendable, but a categorical and simple-minded response to complex issues is not helpful. Your age group will undergo great transformations in attitudes regarding “good and evil” and will swing to great extremes. Your generation will also make vital contributions in the areas of medicine and nutrition, ecology, and education.

Pluto in Libra Era (1971-1984)

“The Harmonious Communicator”

In basic terms, the Pluto in Libras are here to right human relations on the planet, and it’s a big job!

Pluto in Libras are deeply interested in personal relationships. You’re a group that has a deeply-rooted yearnings to see people relating and communicating with each other effectively and harmoniously.

It is no coincidence that the Internet and the social digital age came from our Libra Generation, AKA “Harmonious Communicators“.

In fact, the need for harmonious, peaceful relationships is so strong that there is a tendency to overlook real differences and to focus only on the similarities in an attempt to bring different parties into harmony with each other.

This generation is here to learn, and then teach us about a new way of relating in partnership. Libra Generation is in a sense, here to finish the second part of the Leo generation. Leos were romantic and bright, however they pursued relationships with the freedom to love instead of remaining shackled in unhappy marriages.

Our culture is the better for the Leo generation’s effect, as they were the first era to approach love, sex, and marriage as areas of life in which you have a choice. Until the 60′s, marriages were expected to remain together, no matter what was happening. The actual quality of their marriage was not taken into account by most people.

This led to all sorts of problems, but it did tend to keep families together and therefore there was more stability, or at least there seemed to be. Thus, the divorce rate was quite low. This situation couldn’t last forever and when Pluto entered Libra, the inevitable compensation and balancing began. Suddenly, freedom from the bondage of feeling forced to stay in unhappy marriages arose and with it a tremendous rise in divorce began. This is exactly when the Pluto in Libra generation was born.

Your age group will experiment with different marriage styles, family relationships, and even business relationships in an attempt to bring fair treatment and effective communication between people. Interest and appreciation for other cultures is also strong, and your age group will work hard to preserve and support the cultural heritage of all ethnic groups.

You won’t find the majority of the Pluto-in-Libras wearing hiking boots and flannel as did their predecessors, the Virgo Gens. Nor will they be indulging in body piercings and tattoos as the Scorpio Gens. This group understands the human body is a work of art. True to their ruling planet Venus, its females pursue sex without apology or shame. Beauty-loving, idealistic Libra is the relationship sign.

This generation wants it all-exciting dates, a romantic marriage, adorable babies-but many of these twenty-and thirty-somethings can’t seem to find the ideal mate with whom they’ll settle down.  At least not yet!  They know unlike previous generations that there’s plenty of time for love, romance, art and beauty so how could their minds possibly be made up as early as their thirties? It also has difficulty making up its mind.

Pink is their new black.

In conclusion, this is a generation of individuals who are deeply interested in other people; they are a humanistic and humanitarian group. They will struggle and experiment with personal relationships, and forge new models for how people can relate as friends, family members, and members of nations as well.

Pluto in Scorpio Era (1984 – 1995)

“The Disturber”

Literally the eleventh hour for Pluto in this placement. 

Black will never go out of style with the Pluto in Scorpios (1983-1995). In middle school this group dyed their hair black, donned Goth pants and T-shirts, and draped themselves with chains. Pluto’s home sign Scorpio is dark, deep, and attuned to the invisible. Would Harry Potter have been an international sensation without this group lining up at midnight to buy the latest volume?

You have a great fascination for the mysteries of life, and members of your age group will make extraordinary breakthroughs in the understanding of life processes.  Intensive probing into genetic structure and cellular processes will accelerate genetic engineering into new vistas.

Your generation also probes the mysteries of birth and death, and members of your age group will even develop laboratories for forging new understanding of what happens at birth and death. Other breakthroughs will be made in the understanding of animal behavior and sexual activity. Archeological studies will unearth vast new insights into the history of humanity, and the exploration of the ocean will receive a new impetus, spurred by unusual and interesting findings made at the bottom of the sea.

Behind all of this work is the deep, probing, penetrating interest in the mysterious. There is a deep fascination with sex, power, and the occult as well. The Pluto Generation isn’t as much fascinated with the joys of sex, but rather to achieve a deeper understanding of its complexes.

Hypnosis, karate, and other mental and physical training techniques are likely to be very popular with your age group. The love of mystery is also likely to bring a revival of mystery novels and movies; your age group will bring the macabre into current fashion and style.

The Scorpio generation isn’t troubled by the explicit violence or sexuality of their “gangsta” music and video games. Unlike their Libra predecessors, they won’t be carrying tiny dogs into dance clubs, or bringing brightly colored exercise mats to yoga and Pilates classes. The first wave of this group has just entered college. Some are fighting in Iraq, perhaps to return with a dark new set of issues. The deadly school shooters in Jonesboro, Columbine, and Virginia Tech have emerged as the Slytherins of this group.

Scorpio rules sex, death and regeneration. Coincidentally, the shocking rise of AIDS in the early 80’s came to prominence around the entry of Pluto into Scorpio. While the Libra generation seeks to never forget the vibration of free love, the romantic relationships, and the humanitarian efforts relating to civil rights, the Scorpio generation is not.  The Scorpio generation is heavily influenced by the residual fears of consequences brought to light by the Virgo generation. They can be swept away by these harsher fears and karmic consequences experienced on both the individual and collective level. However, more similarly to the Pluto in Libras, the Pluto in Scorpios have a far more open attitude towards people’s sexuality than the Virgo generation.

You are an emotionally complex group, and you can be prone to some very strange behavior. Intrigue and mystery are exciting to your age group, and hopefully this does not get the better of you, causing you to act in a cruel or vulgar manner. There is a chance that crime, violence, and emotional disturbance will be relatively high in your age group, but hopefully your interest in the mysterious, strange, grotesque, and macabre will not manifest in this way.

We’ll see how Scorpio’s Harry Potters heroes rise to answer the call.

Love and Revolution,

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