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"Live out your imagination, not your history." ~ Stephen Covey

About Paradise


Paradise is an artist, photographer, website designer, and former Slumber Parties consultant. Paradise received her B.A. in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University and has a background in women’s history, communications, film, and psychology.

Paradise has been designing and maintaining websites for non-profits and small businesses for eight years.  She offers creative design expertise in online marketing as well as branding, logos, and brochures to companies and service organizations.

Paradise is a dedicated women’s rights activist who became an executive officer with Virginia NOW in 2012.  With over ten years experience in feminism, Paradise works to revive several aspects of the Second Wave; including women’s history preservation, financial empowerment, goddess theology, and sexual liberation.

In Paradise’s spare time she enjoys films, antiquing, long drives, museums, the ocean, rock and roll, food, and wine.

Paradise was first introduced to astrology when she was 21-years-old by her Aunt Suzanna and has remained enchanted by it ever since!



 Virginia NOW : Communications VP ● Webmistress

(C) Logo by Paradise

 AYD Women’s Caucus : Chairwoman
© Logo by Paradise Kendra

Slumber Parties by Paradise
Empowering Women in Business, their Relationships, and their Pleasures!

Live the Fantasy!

Slumber Parties Banner © Pam Zerblas
Slumber Parties Banner © Pam Zerblas


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