Progressions and Transits 101

Transits in Astrology:

Your natal chart is the snapshot of the sky at the moment of your first breath. We carry our natal chart with us through the entire course of our lives, even though the planets and luminaries continue their movements and cycles.  The natal chart is forever.  It is your astrological DNA.

Your progressed chart, or progressed planets/aspects are the phases in your life that you are currently going through.  Think of it as a brand new layer added on top of your natal chart.  When you’re born, you are literally the characteristics of your natal chart and as your grow, your natal chart gains life experiences.  These are your progressed aspects.

Transits are the stars, planets, and points moving and existing for everyone, hitting everyone in the present time and how they interact now with your natal chart.

  • Sun – 1 Day Cycle (through a zodiac sign)
  • Moon – Monthly Cycle
  • Venus – 1 Day Cycle
  • Mars – 2 Years Cycle
  • Jupiter – 1 Year Cycle
  • Saturn – 4 Year Cycle
  • Uranus – 7 Year Cycle
  • Neptune – 14 Year Cycle
  • Pluto – 15 Year Cycle
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