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Published March 25, 2018 by Paradise Kendra

(via It’s Not Cool To Be Stupid)


I was riding on a city bus yesterday when I overheard a kid in the seat behind me brag to his friend proudly, “The only book I read is Facebook.” Those
words will haunt me for the rest of my life, but I’m not surprised
people think it’s cool to be stupid. Since the invention of television,
children have grown up watching shows that portray stupid people as
heroes. If you expose children under the age of 10 to stupid role
models, they’ll take their icons’ behavior for granted and mimic them.
Their brains will soak it up and build neural pathways around it. So it
will shape their behavior in ways they don’t understand even if they try
everything consciously possible to dis-incorporate the stupidity
they’ve witnessed from their perception of reality:

If you told a child they couldn’t watch stupid television programming
during the most impressionable age-range of their life because it will
warp their minds as surely as watching hardcore pornography and
violence, that wise little kid will ask you, “Then why do adults spend
so much time and money going out of their way to create stupid
television programming and try to stream it onto every screen in the
The shortest answer is that adults are stupid and thus

Don’t believe the hype. It’s not cool to be stupid. It’s
stupid to be stupid. It’s uncool to be stupid, and there’s a very
practical reason why. The world is a mind-bogglingly complicated place
to live, and it’s unforgiving. You get one shot to build a successful
life, and it only takes one stupid mistake to ruin everything. The
quality of your life depends on how well you understand the world and
how well you solve the waves of problems that wash past you every day.
The only tool you have to solve those problems and make the most of your
life is your brain. Being stupid is being mentally crippled. Being
smart is being mentally healthy and strong. So whatever benefit there is
to looking cool by being stupid are far outweighed by the fact that it
will ruin the rest of your life in more ways than you could ever

I don’t need to pull out philosophical reasons to convince you it’s
uncool to be stupid. This isn’t a concept you have to take on faith or
work up the strength to live by. This is a warning. Stupidity is what
makes life suck. The dumber you are, the less you’ll be able to cope
with life, the more you’ll fail and the harder your life will be. The
smarter you are, the more effortlessly you’ll waltz through more
difficult problems for bigger rewards. Living a confused, helpless life
isn’t cool. Living a brilliant, fulfilling life is cool.

But it’s not all about you. The world is a small place, and
everyone’s problems rub off on the people around them. Your stupidity
makes everyone’s life around you harder. Even when smart people do
something stupid, it makes everyone’s lives around them harder. When
you’re old enough you’re going to be put in some kind of position of
authority over people younger than you. Then your stupidity will have
the force of God in those young people’s lives. Stupidity affects
everyone, and it’s like litter. When everyone litters a little bit it
all adds up to a trashy country. When everyone celebrates littering, the
whole country goes to hell in a handbasket. Then we leave a trashy
country for the next generation to clean up when they could have been
building a better world (on top of the better world we could have
created instead of creating mountains of trash.

It’s not cool to be stupid. It’s tragic to be stupid. You’re worth
more than that. Your neighbors deserve more from you, and humanity needs
more from you. Don’t be stupid, and don’t let your friends be stupid.
Stupid hurts everyone, especially stupid people.