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As The Sun Sets

Published February 2, 2016 by Paradise Kendra

Breathtaking sunset reddens the sky, Lights start flickering across the bay, Leaning against pillar as we kiss, Intensely, as our sleek squirming tongues play, With your fingers, exploring me slowly, Groaning into mouth, hands onto breast stray.     As nipples yearningly ache for your touch, Unfastening the sarong I’m wearing, Pulling your mouth away, […]

Chocolate and Sex

Published December 22, 2015 by Paradise Kendra

Eyes closed I can taste you, syrup runs my cheeks, I will stay here and let my tongue melt you soothe my slow slide gasp so damn good wrap my teeth around your center, a sip of simple pleasure, why not reach inside to find the fruit, that piece, that pie, that nougat, that you, […]