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Supposing the chemistry between Tom and Erica wasn’t good. Would you have still shipped Clois? What I mean is, do you always look for chemistry as the most important thing in a ship, even if it is part of an already established story?

Published November 29, 2018 by Paradise Kendra


I’ve loved Clois since TNAoS, so I can’t conceive the idea of them apart; every incarnation of Clois will be supported by me because of that, but of course that, if there’s no chemistry between two characters, there’s just no way for me to stand behind them for long. Chemistry is a subjective concept, though, and it can also change within one couple: be there one moment, and gone the next.

Thing is, even if that had been the case for SV!Clois, I still wouldn’t like Chloe for Clark because I don’t see chemistry between them. They had some cute scenes at the beginning and some heartfelt moments at the end, but they always looked like brother and sister to me. Sometimes, Chloe even acted as Clark’s mother, and I can’t overlook all the wrong things she did and how those affected Clark… They just never worked as more than friends, I dare say they barely worked as that, if they did at all. 

Smallville is such a weird analysis case, though, since everything about it is different than your usual series. And, if Tom & Erica hadn’t been so brilliant, Lois probably would have left after those first four episodes, and the series would have been a totally different one (probably a lame and short-lived one).