Pluto Return and the Coronavirus (Spring 2020)

Published April 4, 2020 by Paradise Kendra

US Chart April 2020 Transits Colored Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel: US Natal Chart
Outer Wheel: Current Transits

The outer wheel’s pink house contains the April 2020 transits, including the Capricorn conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn, which just bumped over into 00°33′ Aquarius. Transit Pluto at 24°49′ about to roll right over our natal Pluto at 27°33′ could be the cause of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Pluto rules hidden things, death, disease, the underworld, plagues, secrets, manipulation, paranoia, conspiracies, etc. Capricorn rules corporations and government structures, so Pluto in Capricorn does involve secrets that these entities keep, and hidden things they do that perhaps get out of hand. Capricorn and Scorpio (Pluto’s ruler) both involve power dynamics.

Two pieces of good news jump out at me. Transit Pluto at 24°49′ has moved past its opposition to the US’s natal Sun in Cancer at 13°19′. This means that Pluto is no longer pulling apart the very foundation of who we are, so this virus is not likely to destroy us in a “kaboom, blow up the whole planet” scenario, but more in a purely Plutarian way; some destruction, some death, and a hit to our second house finances and economy. Transit Pluto at 24°49′ has actually moved past our natal Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Cancer, which is a great relief. That will end up saving us a lot of misery and loss. Transit Pluto will not hit those planets and therefore not target those places in the US chart. THANK GOD.

The other piece of good news is that transit Jupiter at 24°10 is right behind transit Pluto, acting as a guardian angel. We may not see Jupiter’s protection yet, but he’s there, right on top of Pluto, not missing a beat, shielding us, bringing us benevolence, good luck, and economic opportunities. The amount of generosity in people helping independent businesses, the curbside takeout movement, the extraordinarily generous tips (I’ve seen people in my own town giving thousand dollar tips to help tide servers over), the gift cards, the amazing amount of spending we are doing to help each other right now, that’s Jupiter transiting our second house of wealth and finances.

I see a third positive aspect. Transit Pluto at 24°49′ trines natal Neptune 22°25′. Neptune is in Virgo, and Virgo rules health. Neptune is also is the 9th house, 9th house rules all things foreign, and this health risk came from a foreign place. Hmmm, interesting. Pluto rules death, disease, and destruction, and Capricorn rules corporations and government structures, and it’s in a trine aspect with Neptune in Virgo. This is pretty lucky. Trines are the most harmonious aspect, an aspect of ease. Any time you are dealing with a health concern in particular, you want a trine. If this were the chart of a person, I would tell them they just won the lottery with that trine.

So, I hope that brings you some ease and good vibes for the day. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that we have yet to untangle and clarify, a lot of numbers of active cases that are incorrect and that’s all normal as we try to collect an entire planet’s worth of information that is still changing minute by minute. We will find out that things are a little different than we currently think they are, and we will find out some good news. That does not mean that this is not a serious situation and that there is not a real pandemic, but remember that Pluto, especially a Pluto return will bring fear, paranoia, conspiracy, heightened extremes, and negativity. It is not necessarily all accurate. Let’s wait for Mercury to analyze the information without the paranoia.

In the meantime, hang in there, exhale, and lean on your fifth house. Find the fun in life, whatever that may be to you. For me, I’m enjoying food, films, music, musicals, books, photography, and of course, astrology. ✨✨✨

© April 3rd, 2020, Leo Rising Astrology
Paradise Kendra, All Rights Reserved


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