Legislation Wishlist for 2019

Published April 8, 2019 by Paradise Kendra

Civil Liberties / Freedoms

  • Lower the alcohol drinking and marijuana smoking age to 16;
  • Decriminalize all recreational drugs;
  • Decriminalize suicide;

Corporate Regulations

  • Tax breaks for start up and non-chain companies;
  • Red tape reduction;
  • Stricter penalties against robo and telemarketer callers;
  • Stricter regulations to prevent corporate monopolies;
  • Stronger investigations to stop corporate H-1B scams;

Irresponsible Building Development

  • Stricter penalties for corporate takeovers of smaller towns;
  • Restrictions on housing and building over-development;
  • Zoning restrictions on multiple styles of construction within common areas;
  • Zoning restrictions on the number of condos allowed in a given area;
  • Zoning restrictions on building/housing height;
  • Zoning restrictions on demolition of historic neighborhood buildings in the pursuit of new development;
  • Restriction of yard signs on public properties;
  • Increased community beautification; Green open spaces, neighborhood charm, local wildlife and forestry;

Film and Television

  • Higher censorship of violence and disturbing content in film and television;
  • Higher censorship of adult content in television commercials;
  • Regulate the number and length of network television commercials aired per commercial break;

Medical Rights / Right to Healthcare

  • Ban the Prescription Monitoring Program;
  • Improvement of access to controlled-substance prescriptions;
  • Require all pharmacists to inform clients of out of stock medications without requiring them to make a trip to the pharmacy;
  • If pharmacy only has a portion of the prescription in stock, they must provide client a physical Rx script of the remaining amount of pills so client may take it to another pharmacy to fill;
  • Ban medical and prescription commercials (the USA is one of two countries in the entire world for whom airing medical ads is legal);
  • Ban Stores from Streaming Advertisements for Profit; Advertisers pay companies to run their ads.  Customers are forced to listen/watch these ads so that the company may make a profit from the advertisers; that’s robbery unless the customers receive a portion of the profit.
  • Revoke the medical licenses of physicians who misdiagnose patients for profit;

Workplace and Employee Rights and Freedoms

  • Raise national minimum wage to $22 per hour;
  • Expand the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to include part-time employees;
  • Revise legal part time working hours to 20 hours or less per week;
  • End drug testing requirements in the workplace;
  • Cost of living index raises for employees;
  • Meritocracy over diversity in the workplace;
  • Ensure that employee surveillance is narrowly tailored in time, place, and manner, that employers inform workers of all monitoring, and that even permitted intrusions are not used in a way that creates an atmosphere of pervasive surveillance or intimidation;
  • Restrict workplace requirement of obtaining employee fingerprints to send to the FBI for criminal background check without FULL confirmation of the FBI discarding copies of fingerprint records upon no criminal findings;
  • Federal requirement that companies provide severance to all employees who provide resignation with a two weeks notice, or who are laid off for reasons other than firing-for-cause;

Privacy Laws


Historic Preservation

  • Increased nationwide funding for historical preservation;
  • Salary raises for museum employees


Standardized Food in Restaurants

  • Create a law that mandates any restaurant that uses a food supplier must disclose on all menus, websites, & storefronts the name of the company who supplied them their food;
  • Tax breaks for local, non-chain restaurants;
  • Tax breaks for restaurants that cook their food from scratch on the restaurant’s premise;
  • Raise corporate taxes for restaurants that use food suppliers;

Bank Transaction Restrictions

  • Remove the Federal Reserve’s limit of six transfers in a single month between personal savings and money market accounts;
  • Allow personal checks to be cashed for up to six months (as opposed to 30-90 days);
  • Remove fees for national wire transfers;
  • Create a flat rate fee of $5 for overseas wire transfers;

Medicare and Medicaid Insurance

  • Simplify the process of signing up for Medicare and Medicaid;
  • Improve customer service and the ability to reach A HUMAN;
  • Remove medical ads and corporate scare tactics;

Elder Care

  • Affordable assisted living facilities
  • Improved conditions for in-home elder care


Look at all of the issues we have to work on outside of women’s rights, lgbt rights, immigration, racism, and gun control — and then look at how out of proportion our advocacy is.

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