Tumblr Alternatives Reviewed

Published December 7, 2018 by Paradise Kendra


In a response to this post, I went through some of the most popular Tumblr alternatives to see what they had to offer, so here are my reviews:

  • Twitter
    • established communities, similar like/retweet format to Tumblr
    • format can be tricky to learn, hashtag system is difficult for art visibility, discourse and art theft problems present
  • MySpace
    • similar to Facebook in some regards, can customize pages
    • essentially dead in terms of community presence
  • Soup.io
    • similar in format to Tumblr, can import Tumblr blogs
    • having some raw HTML/server load issues and has trouble loading
  • ArchiveOfOurOwn
    • free, uncensored, and community-based fanfiction community, does allow for original story uploads as well, excellent tagging systems, runs on donations
  • ArtStation
    • professional art portfolio allowing for visibility from industries and other companies, free and paid account formats available, popular community
  • DreamWidth
    • similar to deviantART and Livejournal, uses ‘journal’ formats for submitting art and writing, adult content allowed, free and paid account formats available, can also form your own ‘special interest communities’
    • a bit more obscure and thus lacking in community
  • Fanfiction.net
    • similar to AO3 in terms of fanfiction posting
    • problematic uploading methods, questionably safe for fandom
  • Livejournal
    • journal-style blogging site
    • questionably safe for fandom, toxic communities
  • WordPress
    • can import Tumblr blogs, highly customizable, free and paid account formats available, adult content allowed
    • a bit lacking in community and direct contact with posters
  • deviantART
    • enormous community for art, less stringent in terms of adult content censoring, free and paid account formats available, excellent tagging systems and sorting into folders
    • some issues with art theft, some restrictions for adult content
  • FurAffinity
    • furry/anthro art-specific, enormous community, better for visibility and commissions, adult content allowed
    • child porn is acceptable (ew), furry-specific content not favorable for non-furry artists
  • Refsheet.net (as recommended by @thatrandomchild)
    • OC categorization website, excellent customizability, no limits for characters, adult content allowed, images can be hidden, forums for RPs, art trades, etc
  • Instagram
    • fairly decent visibility, popular community
    • enormous art theft problems, toxicity and discourse
  • Piczel.TV
    • art posting and streaming website, adult content allowed, free and paid account formats available
    • 2MB size limit for free account uploads, a LOT of porn
  • Pixiv.net
    • popular community with lots of anime art, stringent measures against art theft and reposting
    • adult content not allowed unless censored, primarily non-English
  • Pillowfort.io
    • supposedly a more customizeable and controllable version of Tumblr
    • still in beta and under maintenance, requires $5 signup fee
  • Typepad
    • similar to Tumblr and Pillowfort
    • requires minimum payment of $9 for an account
  • Patreon
    • pay-to-see content

I hope this method allows you to better see what choices you would like to migrate to!

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