Movie Review 🎥 Broadcast News

Published November 29, 2018 by Paradise Kendra

Broadcast News (1987)

”Let’s never forget, we’re the real story, not them.”

Empire says it all with their critics review quote, “In a film tracing the endless battles between style and substance, Brooks delivers both in abundance.”

Yet again, James L. Brooks creates relatable, complex, human characters.  What a script!  What incredible actors!  What an amazing story that explains so much of why journalism and news are in the situation they are in today.  And how long the fight for journalistic integrity has been going on.

This film was filmed in its fictional city of Washington DC with no sets, all real historic DC houses and buildings, so the look is much more authentic and intimate.  The camera has to move within the actual space of the physical locations, and that kind of filming always makes a greater connection between audience and character.  James L. Brooks is famous for that kind of cinematography in all of his 1970s sitcoms.  And I love it!

My Rating: ★★★★★

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