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Smallville producer Kelly Souders about Chloe Sullivan fans, “the most intense fanbase” she has ever seen. [x]

Rant alert.

Little did I knew Smallville was preparing me for the fuckary of the Supernatural fandom.  Allison Mack’s rabid fans could write books on how to spew hate on Kristin Kreuk and Erica Durance.  Allison got off lightly compared to the illogical bitterness directed toward Kristen and Erica.  Fans of Kristin or Erica hardly say anything about Allison, if at all because a lot of fans have no problem with her, even though they may hate her character.  Half the time it was Allison/Chloe fans who provoked people to hate her character.  Ask any Smallville fan (especially my boyfriend) of any character, whether its Lois, Clark, Jimmy, Lana, Oliver, Tess etc they will tell you that they have felt the wrath of the Chloe fandom who have waged internet wars on every fanbase for years, even gone far as harass writers and producers of the show.   Gee, sound familiar?

As good as Allison is, it’s a shame she seem to always have an irritating and hateful fandom following her around.  When I heard in 2012 she was cast a recurring character in Wilfred, I wanted to warn the Wilfred fans that Allison’s rabid fans will try to manipulate the writers, try to reduce the importance of the lead actress, try to make Allison’s character more important than she really is.  Allison’s last acting gig was 2012 while Kristen and Erica are working to this day.  So stans of Misha and even of Jensen, beware of this.

Ofc, people who stan for basic white girls whom they overidentify with, whose misfortunes they take personally are intense. Not news. Intense is a kind word for this fan group. The Hook (OUAT) fandom annoys me, but it’s nothing like the Chloe fandom’s BSC behavior triggered me with their behavior.

It’s some white feminist bullshit to talk about wanting “strong female characters” (I don’t have to tear down why this phrase is problematic yes? people have written why all over the internet) while spitting dirt at other female characters and their portrayers when they don’t fit your narrow view of what it’s to be a female character; and a lot of them did that; a few who did that even started some organization for empowering women or some bullshit and it’s such white feminist I can’t even.

And yeah, I know that some of her fans used to send letters obsessively – like a mailing list kind of bullshit, which I’ve seen in other fandoms when they got bitter and resentful and apparently nothing pushes people forward like feeling allegedly overlooked /shrugs. What do you expect when people get that invested in a white fictional character’s bland ass? It’s always the average jane could-be-your-stand-in-whiteness characters that inspire this and I’ll leave y’all to the implications of why that is.

I had to reblog this commentary. 

Aside from all the vitriol that Allison Mack fans spewed on internet throughout the life of the show (and many of them still do) the one thing that probably angers me more than anything about them is their blatant double standards. The very people who wanted their favorite character to assume the identity of another female character only so she could ‘get the guy’ are calling themselves feminists now? There cannot be a bigger joke.

Oh Kelly Sounders, and you are Chloe’s biggest fan of all, aren’t you? And because you outranked almost all of the other Smallville writers, producers, and directors as Executive Producer, you were able to live vicariously through Chloe’s character by pulling her out of the tertiary role she was intended to play and turning her into a forced, unrealistic, completely contrived female lead.

P.S. I always wondered if Allison had some dirt on Kelly Sounders that fueled Kelly’s ambition to make Smallville such a Chloe-centric show. Dirt that she’d obtained through NXIVM, obviously.

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