Published September 15, 2018 by Paradise Kendra


Smallville was one of the first and most popular superhero TV shows to air in the last decade and a half. It told the story of Clark Kent before his Superman years, starting with his uncertain teen years then following his journey as he overcame all sorts of obstacles and defeated evils, while also trying to manage his everyday life and relationships.

The Smallville board opened in 2002 to the great enthusiasm of its fans. It had several moderators over the years, the current being Rachel {} who was appointed in 2008 and Jette {jette_} who was appointed in 2011. Both work on making sure the board is a great community to be involved in so all posters can be free to post and reminisce about episodes they love, discuss their favorite aspects of the show and share their adoration for the fantastic actors who brought the show’s beloved characters to life. The moderators also start different activities on the board to keep things fresh and rejuvenate conversation now that the show is over; examples of these are episode rewatches, survivor games and discussions about specific plots that happened on the show.

Wondering where to stop by first? Then check out their most popular threads. For example, who wouldn’t want to talk about the boy turned superhero and the super talented actor who portrayed him? The Clark/Tom thread is the thread for you to do that. The most popular character appreciation thread is for the spunky computer-genius Chloe Sullivan. Another popular thread is that of the gutsy and iconic Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. As for relationship threads, the Lois&Clark thread is the most popular one, and it’s not a surprise because this iconic couple has been a fan-favorite from the start. Another favourite is the Clark&Chloe thread.

If you also loved the friendships and family relationships on the show, there are all sort of threads where you can enjoy discussing those as well. The most popular ones are the Chloe/Lois, Lois/Jimmy and Clark/Oliver threads. Not in the mood for discussing anything specific? There are general season discussion threads and even ones that discuss Superman in other media. Feeling artistic or just in the mood to look at something pretty? Then the Icon and Fanart threads are where you need to check in.

When asked about what they love most about this board, the posters said that they not only ‘enjoy discussing one of their favorite shows of all time’, but also love the ‘community of people who post on the board who are smart, funny, easygoing and open to other opinions’ and they were sure to mention that they thought this was ‘one of the best boards to visit on FanForum’.

So in short, whatever you’re looking for in the Smallville fandom, you can head over to the Smallville Board and you’ll have a place where you can share your love for this show and its characters with other fans who are just as enthusiastic about it. They love welcoming fans of the show and making new friends!

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