DVD Netflix vs. Netflix Streaming


I am a longtime member of Netflix.  I love it.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  But I have noticed over the past few years that Netflix Streaming lacks many of the quality features that DVD Netflix offers.

Allow me to elaborate.

Streaming is easy.
Streaming is convenient.

Streaming what you need first thing in the morning before you’ve had a cup of coffee and you just want to turn on your favorite show or movie, commercial free, hassle free. No fussing through channels or with your DVD player.

I am as lazy as the next person. I love the instant access of Netflix Streaming.  However, there are copyright issues with any streaming service that a DVD service does not have to put up with.  ‘Streaming’, according to the film studios, is the equivalent of ownership, whereas DVD renting is equivalent to well … renting.

Most studios will pretty much always permit and encourage DVD renting, but they will not allow continuous streaming of the majority of their content. In fact, they hold on tightest to their highest quality films and television shows, allowing streaming services to host their ‘bottom of the barrel’ content – the content that the majority of the population will not seek out in other formats (DVDs, digital purchases, etc.).  The studios maintain a very firm grip on their most valuable content, as well they should.

The content rights of most television and films are exclusive to the studio that produced them and not the property of Netflix.  The streaming rights are not available for Netflix (or Hulu or Amazon) to purchase from the content provider.

All streaming shows and films are done on a six-month lease. The likelihood of streaming renewals is entirely dependent on the content’s availability, copyrights, and the studio’s relationship with Netflix. Every six months the studios decide whether to renew their lease with Netflix (and all other streaming services) or to cancel it.  You have probably noticed that many of your favorite shows that were once streaming, suddenly are no longer available.  Streaming drastically limits the content available to you and for a legitimate reason.  There is no way around this for the foreseeable future.

However, since the Netflix company was solely a DVD company for many years, there is no good reason that the features that DVD Netflix provides shouldn’t also be available to the newer spin-off that is Netflix streaming.

Netflix Streaming’s Homepage

There is no option for removing or reorganizing your categories with Netflix Streaming. Think about that for a minute. If you were browsing in a video store, you would have the liberty to choose which movies you looked at and which ones you didn’t. If you wanted to skip the horror section, for example, you would have the option to do so. Why doesn’t Netflix also provide this option?

DVD Netflix’s Homepage

Netflix Streaming is a fully based web service, so it would make sense that their website’s easy-to-use features should be on par to DVD Netfix’s website features. Yet look at how superior DVD Netflix’s homepage layout is in comparison to Netflix Streaming homepage (scroll up to previous image to view). With DVD Netflix, everything you need is right under the browse button. Simple, easy, convenient.

The ‘Not Interested’ Feature

DVD Netflix offers a “not interested” button that removes a film from repeatedly appearing in your search results. DVD Netflix also keeps a record of all the films that you have hidden and you may view them at any point.  You may also undo the “not interested” feature so that the film will reappear in your search results.  There is no equivalent feature on Netflix Streaming.
DVD Netflix Keeps an Easily Accessible List of All Your Hidden Films

Available Movies on DVD Netflix vs. Netflix Streaming

The arrows represent the films available on DVD Netflix that are also on Netflix streaming. If there are two films per page on DVD Netflix that are also streaming, that’s a miracle.  It’s more likely that there will be 0-1 films per page on DVD Netflix that are also streaming.  The amount of films unavailable on streaming is enormous.  With 3087 ratings and 43 pages of films, you can imagine how many of my personal favorites are not available on streaming.

Taste Preference Options on DVD Netflix

DVD Netflix is a more full-fledged service, offering you a more thorough user friendly interface. There is no guilt technology, such as the dreaded “Are You Still Watching” pop-ups that interrupt the viewing experience.  For every two episodes that I watch on Netflix streaming before my program is paused and I am asked to confirm that I’m still watching, I may watch 6 episodes uninterrupted per DVD.

That’s a big difference in the amount of times I have to push a button to be able to watch more. Over time, the “Are You Still Watching” feature becomes more and more frustrating and intrusive. Eventually, I’m fed up.

What is this, a communist plot to get me to reduce my television watching?!


I’ve been a member of Netflix since 1999.  I have been a member long before I was able to pay for it with my own credit card, before there was a Netflix Streaming or Netflix Originals. I have loved the company and I am loyal to it.  But if it came down to having DVD Netflix or Netflix Streaming, my choice would be easy.

I would give up Netflix Streaming.  It’s the classic ‘style versus substance’ argument, and when it comes to my films and television shows, substance wins.


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