Published April 27, 2018 by Paradise Kendra


Happy Mother’s Day! – Martha & Clark [“With Love” by Christina Grimmie] (a 6-vidder ViddersofSteel collab)

Lyrics are linked to & Voiceovers are transcribed under the “Read More” link!

This our 69th
collab, and another specific-theme one. This time, we did a tribute to
the main mother/son relationship on the show – aka the relationship
between Martha Kent & Clark Kent on the TV series Smallville. The
last time we vidded them:…
we vidded the whole Kent family with Jonathan (and even the dog Shelby
too haha. That “Home” by Phillip Phillips video is still one of my
personal favorite collabs on this channel.) This time 3.5 years later,
we decided to focus on only Martha & Clark in particular. There were
still way more scenes than we could get into this collab. They have SO
MANY wonderful moments.

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