Published January 24, 2018 by Paradise Kendra


The 1997 Emmy award speech by Gillian might make me cringe because of second hand embarrassment every time but I still watch it because:

1) Gillian is terrified. From the moment the camera is on her, she is hyperventilating, refusing to look anywhere.


2) The disbelief of her win. It is like a weight has been lifted from her chest.


3) How she almost walks into the cameraman filming her walk to the stage and points at him and laughs.


4) How she thought for a second she’d never make it to the top of those stairs with that dress.


5) Helen Mirren coming to her rescue when she saw Gillian struggling with her dress.


6) And how Gillian thanked Helen for it.


The speech is embarassing. The rest is an absolute delight.

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