Boston Brahmin accent (Boston Elite)


  • Charles Emerson Winchester, M*A*S*H character
  • John F. Kennedy’s accent is a blend of Boston Brahmin and Irish

Locust Valley Lockjaw accent


  • Thurston Howell III of
    Gilligan’s Island

Mid-Atlantic accent (Transatlantic accent)

A consciously acquired accent of English, intended to blend together the “standard” speech of both American English and British Received Pronunciation. Spoken mostly in the early twentieth century, it is not a vernacular American accent native to any location, but an affected set of speech patterns whose “chief quality was that no Americans actually spoke it unless educated to do so”. The accent is, therefore, best associated with the American upper class, theater, and film industry of the 1930s and 1940s, largely taught in private independent preparatory schools especially in the American Northeast and in acting schools.

Contemporary Transatlantic