I’ve worked with the Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women for over 10 years and I can tell you that if not for second wave feminism, very little feminism would be about women’s liberation today. Very little contemporary feminism is about women at all.

But I love second wave feminism. It’s really because of second wave feminism that I feel proud of being a woman, and happy to be a woman.

Feminism is that feeling of joy in the pit of your stomach bubbling to the surface when you think about how lucky you are to be a woman (or how lucky you are to be around women you admire). It’s a feeling of freedom and possibilities that knows no limits. It’s the desire to change your future for the better because you have something valuable to contribute. It’s the victorious feeling of having a team of trailblazers by your side helping you conquer your dreams.


Feminism is life, love, and freedom at its most cosmic level. It is our relationships with men, our relationship with our parents, our relationships with our friends, our relationship with love and sex, and our relationship with this lifetime.

Feminism is empowering.

Contemporary feminism, however, doesn’t understand much of this. And that’s why sadly, for many, they won’t ever experience the full feminist effect. But it’s still right there for those of us who do. Reach for it, it’s yours!

Viva Women’s Liberation! ♀


Virginia NOW
Communications Director
📫 communicationsvp@vanow.org