Yes, tensions and fierce political beliefs are running high since the Donald Trump election. Opinions will clash, wording will be ruthless. Yet it still stuns me when I see a person disagree with one of my liberal friends and the only knee-jerk response they have to say is, “You’re prejudice.”

My response is always, “Well who died and said your form of advocacy was helpful?  It’s easy to question the opposition.  Questioning your peers takes real courage.”

In truth, there are desperately needed open-minded perspectives outside of “100% for and 100% against” regarding social issues. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of knowing the appropriate time and place to make your statement, and sometimes the differing viewpoint has nothing to do with you.

It is, however, an extremely effective fear tactic to call someone prejudice, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. with today’s current PC mindset.  No one wants to be accused of such things, so they either don’t speak up at all, or try once only to be shut down.  Either way, they are successfully silenced.

This is not progress nor the eradication of hate.  This is bullying and censorship of thought – to say nothing of mind-bogglingly limiting and idiotic.

It’s a very scary place for me to be in personally, because if there are only two check boxes for every social issue, 100% for ☑️️ or 100% ☑ against”, then this means I will have wasted over half my life striving towards the goal of equality alongside a team of people who never had any intention of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And that, to me, is horrifying.  Because… then what?