The seventh house is about relationships and about attracting people into relationships. It is where we find initial attraction, friendships, business partnerships and casual relationships, but not the deepest relationships like marriage. 

Traditionally, in astrology the seventh house is the house of marriage. While it is the house of initially meeting and attracting your future spouse, it is not the house of being married. Marriage is serious business, and it is therefore more appropriately relegated to the eighth house where all of the serious and deeply-entangled, relationship matters are found. As an air house, the seventh house is not that deep. Air is light, intellectual and flirtatious, not deep and emotional like the water houses.

There can be some depth to these relationships but not heart-wrenchingly, powerful depth. Your relationship with your best friend would be a seventh house matter, and your spouse may start out as your best friend which would put your spouse here in that sense. Also the courting that takes place in the beginning of romantic relationships falls in the seventh house. In fact, every day until the day after your wedding day would fall in the seventh house. The day after your wedding, you are in the eighth house.

The seventh house is about your view on one-to-one relationships, your style in interacting in these relationships, your expectations in these relationships, and your ability to lure, attract and influence people. Planets here color these issues. In a synastry chart overlay, your partner’s planets will consequently color these issues also. Because your partner is one of the people with whom you are in a relationship, it will color how you see them. For that reason, it is a powerful house in synastry chart overlays. Even though it doesn’t get into the deep elements of relationship feelings and issues, it does color your view of your partner and affects your style of interaction with them.

If your partner’s sun falls in the seventh house of your synastry chart overlay, the relationship will be invigorating. The relationship will make you feel more alive. This is an excellent placement. You will enjoy being with your partner more than not being with them. There will be a natural attraction on a level that cannot be explained. Your partner’s moon here will make you feel attractive and your partner will find you attractive. Best of all, the attraction will feel comfortable rather than awkward. When in the presence of your partner, your ability to influence and attract other people will also be enhanced because you will feel more attractive in general. This is an outstanding placement. Although you may find yourself a bit sensitive to your partner as far as criticisms or any type of possibly offensive remarks.

Mars will give its usual boost in assertiveness. Because the seventh house is about attraction and persuasion, this placement can be powerfully romantic. Your partner’s Mars here may cause a sense of urgency and persistence in attracting you to be their mate. Whatever the nature of the relationship, another person’s Mars in the seventh house of your synastry chart will accentuate assertiveness in both of you. Sticking up for yourselves will be part of your relationship. Venus here is a great placement as Venus is powerful in the seventh house. Venus is the planet of attraction. When placed in the seventh house of attraction, Venus naturally elevates the attraction between you and your partner. Venus brings a soft touch and heightens the already inherent beauty in anything. Here, in the seventh house, it will also serve to smooth out any ruffles or rough edges in your relationship and accentuate the positives.

Venus here is similar to looking at your partner through rose colored glasses. Mercury in the seventh house of the synastry chart is also beneficial. It can lighten the relationship and assist in communication, making it more free flowing and easy. But don’t let Mercury lighten and intellectualize things to the point where the relationship looses the rules and boundaries that keep it solid.

Jupiter here is also a great position. It can make you both feel that you have freedom to move in the relationship. It will help you listen to each other without passing judgment and make it easier to say what’s on your mind without being offensive. But because of Jupiter’s need for ever-expanding limitlessness, caution should be taken with this position. This position sometimes backfires because of freedom issues. Don’t take your partner for granted and assume that they won’t mind if you have all of the freedom you want to take in the relationship. A time will come when they reach their limit with your freedom or when you reach your limit with theirs. Jupiter is famous for being oblivious to things until they reach a point of no return.

Saturn here can manifest in a few ways. It can add a serious tone to the relationship and make the relationship feel too restrictive. Or, it can help to solidify the relationship and add a deeper level of commitment.

The seventh house is a wonderful place full of titillating attraction, but it has its dangers because it is also the house of negotiating and influencing. People who have powerful seventh houses or who are given the gifts of their partner’s powerful planets here, such as, the sun, moon or Jupiter, sometimes take people and relationships for granted. Most often, this is done unconsciously, but it can cause long-lasting harm in relationships. These people can be so good at attracting and influencing people that they feel like they can get away with habitually ignoring their partner to spend time with others. They feel confident they will be able to convince their partner that constantly forgiving them is in their partner’s best interest. Others simply can’t resist using their powers of attraction and influence on as many people as possible. These are the constant flirts who can’t resist a fling here and there. In synastry chart overlays, this can have a huge backfire effect.

If your partner’s planets are giving you an inflated sense of attractiveness in the seventh house that makes you take your partner for granted and give your attention to others while in the presence of your partner, you will surely feel hollow when your partner’s jealously causes them to leave you and take their planets with them.

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