Slumber Parties, Inc. seeks to empower women at every stage of life through our products, demonstrations and careers. To achieve this goal, we offer women the opportunity to become more confident and satisfied in all aspects of their lives.

Women are becoming more concerned with their sexuality, and so they desire as much information on the subject as possible. Slumber Parties distributors are fully trained to properly educate hostesses and party guests about their bodies and about products to help them enhance sensual experiences. By clearly communicating with women, distributors help them build the confidence they need to reach fulfillment from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Our parties are for adult women only. We strive to make every guest comfortable by presenting products in a professional and discreet manner. Because all product ordering is done privately, women can confidentially seek solutions to their personal situations.

Slumber Parties presentations help women of all ages and lifestyles to become sexually aware bringing romance, fun, fantasy and creativity back into their relationships. Whether hosting a party, purchasing products or developing a career, thousands of women have become successful in reaching personal and professional fulfillment through Slumber Parties.

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