I called Shutterfly‘s customer service and for the first time, they requested my name and e-mail so they could login into my account and view my personal photo albums when assisting me.

I was appalled when the service rep began reading my album names and even the names of some people I’ve taken photos of. I would NEVER go through someone’s most personal photos without their permission, not ever. I’m still unable to fathom the business meeting in which someone thought this up as a ‘better way to provide customer service’.  

Anyway, I promptly told the customer rep to exit my personal account, no longer caring about resolving my original troubleshooting issue. He said that he could not assist me if he was not inside my account. This is not true as everyone on their staff has their own Shutterfly account they may use as a template when assisting customers.

There’s no need to go into a client’s account.  Two additional service reps attempted to reassure me. “We don’t ever actually look at your albums or photos.” 

Really? Then why were the names of people I’d photographed being read out loud to me? Why do you ask to login to my account every time I call customer service? Instead try, “How may I assist you?”.

“We’re simply obeying the law.” 

Holy schlomoly. There is no law that requires a company to log into a client’s personal accounts for any reason.  These are company policies that you elected to enforce.

To My Fellow Shutterfly Customers: If  you have an account with Shutterfly, please be aware that the staff now logs into your personal account when assisting you and they may view your albums and photos. Also be careful who you tag and what email addresses you share albums with as they now collect that data and sell it to undisclosed companies.

I have been with Shutterfly for over 10 years because it was made clear to me on multiple occasions that my albums were 100% private, especially from the Shutterfly staff. No exceptions.

If policies have been updated so that Shutterfly now deems copyright of my photos, I as well as the rest of your clients need to be made aware of this immediately. Also, Shutterfly needs to reenable the option of pressing “0” to get to a person immediately. 

Through two of Shutterfly’s company mergers, I have always felt safe uploading boudoir photography and my Slumber Parties photos to their server — now, I’m frankly anxious about doing so. 

I did not expect this from Shutterfly. 

If you’d like to also voice a privacy complaint about this, please call Shutterfly at (888) 225-7159, or send feedback from their website.

Love and revolution,