An Open Letter to Facebook:

I am deeply concerned with your policies on nude photography and imagery. According to your current standards, photos of topless women or semi-naked men are prohibited, as are any photos of lovemaking, yet your corporation approves of images of mutilated and scarred breasts/genitals.

This is shocking.

Anyone who has experienced rape, assault, cutting, or mutilation will tell you that it is traumatizing to scroll down one’s timeline and see explicit photos of mutilated bodies.

Would you show an assault survivor photos of his or her perpetrator over and over and say it was in the name of “campaign advocacy”? No, of course not. So why are you supporting uncensored mutilation photography?

It greatly supports a corrupt value system when imagery of hacked body parts is acceptable for children in the eyes of Facebook, yet photos of naked flower children running free in a field is deemed too traumatizing.

Passionate pleasures, nude photography, (including bodouir and lovemaking photography) is not too frightening for people to handle. On the other hand, images of mutilated body parts is unacceptable. A 6-year-old child should not be exposed to graphic and violent mutilation imagery.

This policy also encourages shame of the body and shame of lovemaking. It slowly desensitizes our minds to images of violence, eventually making us more accepting of physical violence. The breastfeeding-only policy reminds women that she may only display her body if it’s in the ‘service of motherhood’ – not for her own freedoms and pleasures.

Please reconsider your nude photography policies as well as your unrestricted approval of violence-induced mutilation imagery, mastectomy mutilation imagery, and breastfeeding photography.

Violence, at any age, is always more disturbing than pleasures …. always.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.


Ms. Hadley Elizabeth Hunter Hawks
“Paradise Kendra”