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Pluto in Leo ♌️
AKA “Baby Boomers”

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The Pluto in Leo ♌️ generation – the “ME” generation – has deeply confused the generations both before and after with their very proud and self-reliant attitude.

Their parents, the Pluto in Cancers ♋️ (AKA “Silent Generation”), fought in both World Wars and then united together to provide us the America that today we often take for granted.  The Pluto and Cancers ♋️ overcame a depression that the 20th and 21st Century will probably never experience.  By the 1950s, they had managed to turn the depression into an expansion.

After everything the Pluto in Cancers ♋️ experienced in both World Wars, they vowed that their children would want for nothing.  They wanted to provide them everything; including beautiful suburban houses with white picket fences, luxurious cars, plenty of food on the table, and fancy college educations.  Pluto and Cancers ♋️ are a sentimental group and feel deeply attached to family and country.  Security is everything to them.  So after successfully winning two World Wars, it was of the utmost importance that they make sure their own homes and families also had a sense of security.

Unfortunately, they gave birth to an entire generation of Leos who wanted to be individuals.  They wanted something more.  They wanted a little rock and roll!  They didn’t want to get married at 18, immediately have children and become old before they died.  They did not crave security so much as self-expression. 

To the Pluto in Cancers ♋️, the behavior of the younger generation looked as if they were throwing away everything their parents had fought to give them.  To the Pluto in Leos ♌️, it seemed that their parents wanted them to be exactly like them. 

In an effort to keep this fate from happening to them, the Pluto and Leos created an entirely new world for us to play in.  Literally.


So just who are the Pluto in Leos?


Pluto in Leos ♌️ seem to always find themselves in situations which challenge them to take positive action. This helps them grow. They thrive in leadership roles and want to be appreciated for their efforts.

They are not afraid to defy authority on any level.

Pluto in Leos ♌️ need to feel self-reliance, independent of the group.  While their parents, the Pluto in Cancers ♋️ wanted to appear to be like all of their friends, the Pluto in Leo ♌️ individual wants to stand out from everyone. Pluto in Leos ♌️, while striving to accentuate their “ME” factor, have a truly altruistic intention towards their fellow human.

They are optimistic and enthusiastic. They may enjoy gambling because the risk is fun and exciting. They like romance, entertainment and pleasure of all sorts. They have a need to be seen, to be remembered and to be noticed. They are flamboyant and colorful. They can be self-indulgent in their quest for fame and glory. They may reach their greatest pinnacles of self-discovery when in the midst of creative expression.  They know how to play!

Pluto in Leo ♌️ is expressive, creative, challenging, and glamorous. They revel in any challenge that comes their way.


Pluto in Leo: The Positive Era


The easiest thing for Pluto in Leo ♌️ to do is reinvent themselves whenever need be. If they find themselves in a less than desirable situation, they have the ability to change and adapt in a way that is most advantageous to them. That’s also the best way for them to discover new traits and skills to continue on their quest for self-discovery.


Lover of the Light,
Paradise Kendra

Famous Pluto in Leos

Steven Tyler
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Al Pacino
Freddie Mercury
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Hanks
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Elliott Gould
Julie Christie
Christopher Lloyd
Smokey Robinson
John Mahoney
Tina Turner
Patrick Stewart
Lily Tomlin
Alex Trebek
Aretha Franklin
Barbra Streisand
Raquel Welch
Scott Glenn
Kelsey Grammer
Harrison Ford
Richard Pryor
Muhammad Ali
Carole King
Dionne Warrick
David Crosby
Graham Nash
Linda McCartney
Blythe Danner
Bernie Sanders
Gary Burghoff
Stephen Hawking
Art Garfunkel
Jerry Garcia
Helen Reddy
Otis Redding
Mick Jagger
Janis Joplin
George Lucas
Bill Clinton
Patti LaBelle
Diana Ross
Gladys Knight
Sharon Tate
Robert De Niro
Joe Biden
Paul Simon
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Seger
Jim Morrison
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Eric Clapton
Joni Mitchell
Billie Jean King
Carly Simon
Tim Curry
Jaclyn Smith
Neil Young
Helen Mirren
Betty Davis
Steve Martin
John Lithgow
Bette Midler
Elton John
Dolly Parton
Rob Reiner
Henry Winkler
Glenn Close
Jonathan Pryce
Sylvester Stallone
Gregory Hines
Oliver Stone
… and Sir Alan Rickman