1. How affectionate you’re being has a lot to do with how much she’s responding. 

The level of affection you give her can mean the difference between one-three times or one-three days of lovemaking.

2. The sensitivity of one woman’s erogenous zones to another is extremely different. 

So START gently! Seduce her body into arousal. Coax her into responding to you. Be playful! Not kinky, playful.

When you go down on her, start with light, feathery strokes that just barely touch her clitoris, then ease a little bit more pressure. Lift your mouth briefly up to her stomach and shower soft kisses over her abdomen. Use your finger to lightly tap her clitoris, first at a steady beat, then change the speed and frequency. Do this a few times ….. or as many times as it takes until she’s pleading for more.

3. TOUCH her all over and do a lot of it.

Run your hands all over her, talk to her, kiss her until she’s out of breath. Keep her focused on YOU.

Make sure there is no chance that she’s thinking about who’s going to guest star on the next episode of Late Night.

4. Talk is part of the seduction.

Not dirty talk, seduction talk. As you’re making love to her, tell her how much you want her. Whisper to her that you want to drive her crazy, that you want to make her come. And when she starts to, tell her not to stop.

5. Your hands are more important than you think. 

A lot of pornography involves a guy performing jack-rabbit sex on a woman who’s either top of him or in front of him. She’s flopping and sliding all over the place. Please don’t do this. These sloppy movements are uncomfortable and distracting. Hold her hips steadily over yours as she bobs up and down on top of you. Touch her breasts as slowly and lightly as possible, circling your fingers around her nipples, and around her areolae. Fingers are everything…..


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