My favorite character!


Here are the ten reasons why Tess Mercer from Smallville is a feminist character:

  1. Tess Mercer is a Harvard educated marine biologist who graduated when she was only seventeen years old.
  2. Tess was adopted, but it turns out that her father was Lionel Luthor so she was not an orphan until right before she took over LuthorCorp.
  3. Mercer became acting CEO of LuthorCorp and the Daily Planet first as Lex’s figurative and secretly literal eyes and ears, then to create something new after she learned of the Luthor’s betrayal.
  4. Tess will do anything that she can to protect Clark Kent and the rest of the Justice League. Mercer found a family in the hero group especially with Clark and Oliver.
  5. After Chloe disappeared, Tess took over as head of Watchtower since she had hacking and researching skills.
  6. Tess Mercer merged LuthorCorp with Queen Industries making her partners with Oliver Queen along with…

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