Ahhhh, the ’70s! Incredible times.

Iconic Photos


It was LIFE magazine’s “Picture of the Year”, it won a World Press Photo Award. However, a more fitting moniker comes from People Magazine, which named it, “Picture of The Decade”. Indeed this Ian Bradshaw photo of streaker Michael O’Brien–arms outstretched as if he were Jesus–captured the peak of the social unrest and the changing values that defined the 70s–hippie culture, raising political awareness, increasing political and economic liberties, political advocacy for world peace and against nuclear weapons, and the battle against authority of government and big business

The photo was taken an England-France rugby match at Twickenham in February 1974. During the half-time break, O’Brien, an Australian accountant, dashed naked before a crowd of 53,000, including Princess Alexandra. Constable Bruce Perry took off his helmet to cover O’Brien’s private parts. “I feared he would be mobbed, or that other people would follow suit.  I felt embarrassed so I covered him up as best I…

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