Squares, Conjunctions, Emotions, oh my!

Published February 23, 2016 by Paradise Kendra


An Astrological Reason Everything’s Currently Insane!
(Good news? A good amount of this will pass pretty quickly!)




  • The inner wheel is the USA’s Natal Chart.
  • The 2nd wheel is the USA’s Progressed Chart.
  • The 3rd wheel shows the USA’s Transits.


Okay, so, we have our Progressed Moon in Scorpio in the 12th House squaring our Natal Aquarius Moon. Niiiiice. We also have our Transiting Saturn in the 1st House squaring our Natal Saturn in the 10th House.  Talk about intense energies!

So, what does any of this mean for the American people?

Progressed Moon Squaring Natal Moon
You’re emotionally all over the place. Situations arise that may bring about emotional challenges. You may feel yourself reacting in irrational ways, and your gut instincts could pull you in the wrong directions. Gaining control over your emotions is key, and not letting them control you. Women may have problems, (or men’s relationships with women may be problematic) and women may gain weight, especially in their stomach regions.


Progressed Moon in Scorpio
Progressed Moon in Scorpio has a reputation for being the most difficult Progressed Moon. Scorpio rules the darker side of life, the serious side, and with your Progressed Moon here, you may feel you’re emotionally drawn to the ‘other side’ of yourself (which is not so good for some of us!). You could also be drawn to the darker side of other people, so you may attract the wrong people into your life. As a water sign, Progressed Moon in Scorpio is very emotional, and with Scorpio, it’s intense emotion, which can be too much at times. The best advice? Before you throw a tantrum, start bawling, or grab that pistol, ask yourself, “Am I being rational about this situation? If I saw someone else behaving this way, what would I think?” Sometimes taking a step outside of yourself is the only way to be objective and cool yourself down. (I think the people who bitched out Gloria Steinem in graphic ways could’ve benefited from this advice.) If handled well, this placement can have remarkable potential for personal growth. Profound experiences can be had now if you try. Issues with your colon, rectum, or reproductive system could come up. Fears regarding sexual health and sexuality may be heightened. Keep in mind that these are powerful energies and emotions only able to see the darkest possibilities of life (and death). Don’t believe all your own thoughts!


Progressed Moon in the 12th House
With the Progressed Moon going through the 12th House, there may be a lot of things coming to an end or being eliminated from your life. The Twelfth House is the house of endings, a time when we clear the clutter to make room for the new opportunities that will come about when the Moon progresses into our First House and brings all those changes. Whatever leaves your life now is usually necessary, and probably hasn’t been useful for you for some time. Spending a lot of time alone with your thoughts is good now, and if you’ve been thinking of starting a therapeutic regimen, this is an excellent placement for it. You may spend a lot of time in your head and heart, examining your feelings and going over old issues. Close up any unhealed wounds and finish whatever you’ve started and left behind. Your intuition can be strengthened now, as you’re more in touch with your feelings, but if you’re prone to emotional train-wrecking, then you may have a hard time listening to your gut over the white noise. You may find yourself feeling sadder and more contemplative, but it doesn’t have to be of the depressed sort, it could just be a highly introspective time. If you’re prone to escapism or self-destructive tendencies, then this could be a placement that will be very difficult, and could present new behavioral problems.


USA’s Natal Saturn in Libra
With your natal Saturn in Libra, you are not a nation that wants to fight with people. Instead, you seek to find middle ground and compromise. You excel at peacekeeping and strive to maintain worldwide humanitarian efforts. People come to you for help and you are willing and able to provide it. Just keep in mind that stricter laws do not necessarily amplify harmony and social justice. Placing limits on individual freedom may backfire. 

Transit Saturn in Sagittarius
With Saturn in Sagittarius, you take your beliefs seriously. You believe in them strongly, and can have a hard time being open-minded and accepting of other views, yet you try hard to appear to be open. With Saturn transiting the US’s first house, Americans will be harshly critical of themselves, both as a people and a nation. Opinions will clash, wording will be ruthless. Be mindful of this harsh criticism regarding America and her ways. Take a step back. Be on the lookout for fanaticism and preaching.


Transit Saturn Squaring Natal Saturn

With transit Saturn squaring your natal Saturn, you’re unhappy with any restrictions that you may be feeling in your life. Until now, you may have just ignored them, but now, you can’t miss the glare. Any restriction you feel, you’ll turn on and try to fix, usually by enacting some sort of big change, but it may not go as well as you think.

Take it easy!  The Moon will progress into the first house and we will survive!

Keep Calm and Carry On!


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