Military Wants Mandatory Registration for Women – NOT Feminism

Published February 3, 2016 by Paradise Kendra

Under the Selective Service law men between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to register so that a draft can be readily resumed if needed.

The military now wants to make it so that women are also required to register for the Selective Service.

This is an absolutely horrible for feminism.  Instead of women focusing on gaining higher ranking, non-combat positions, which would mean they could make decisions on important things like — WAR, they’re seeking to be identical with men. 

We’re not identical.  Equal does not mean identical.  Women should have the option of joining the military and making high-level decisions.  This would actually be useful to our country as well as empowering.

Women in the military make decisions differently than men.  We need these differences.  We need the balance of a woman’s perspective when it comes to the lives of our people.  To quote E. Fairchild, “If men knew what went into making life, they might not be so hasty in sacrificing it.”

A legislative decision that requires ALL citizens to fight in war is completely nonsensical.

Think about what happens when you go to war.  You need supplies, a working economy, and someone to take care of the children.  There’s no reason men shouldn’t be allowed to provide this support should their wife/lover wish to go and fight — hence the benefit of there being a choice.

If everyone’s required — our economy and society would fall in the event of actual war.

Think about what women did for this country during WWII.  Without women’s contributions, we would’ve lost the war and the economy would’ve continued to plummet.

How many families are headed by a woman?  The military would have to setup so many foster care centers for women-run families that it would be counterproductive.

And if a woman is six-months pregnant with 3 other children at home, does she have to register?  Just to get a deferment?  And how many women will then become pregnant in order to gain that deferment so they can stay with their children?  I sure as hell would.  I’m not leaving my children during a war for ANYTHING.

This is a brilliant move.

It’s just not one done in the favor of women.

It will, however keep us busy so we won’t have time to focus on what’s important.  It’s also a very good way to convince women that they don’t really need equal rights if this is what it comes down to.  Men are certainly not stupid when it comes to creating diversions that keep the power entirely in their possession.  

I hope when I have a daughter, we will have grown wiser.  I don’t want her to mistake manipulation under the guise of serving feminism for actual equality.  I want her to know a scare tactic when she sees it.

Don’t be fooled again,

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