Venus is love, beauty and art. Neptune is inspirational, dreamy, and fantasy prone. A trine🔺is a flowing aspect.  It is the most harmonious and stable aspect, and the character traits and talents conferred by the trine aspect come so easily to the native that he or she may not understand why these things don’t come as naturally to others.

Neptune acts by refining and dissolving whatever it touches. Venus trine Neptune brings good taste and high ideals in love and art. It is a poetic, romantic, compassionate combination.

I Need a Hero

Venus/Neptune may seem to have high ideals and romantic notions about love and romance.  Perhaps sometimes too high for any human person to live up to. 

However the trine aspect, of all the Venus/Neptune aspects is the most harmonious and strives to communicate his or her vision to the real world in hopes of finding a special someone just as artistic and romantic as they are.

They have a refined attitude towards love, seeking to relate in ways that are beyond ego needs and selfishness. They are attracted to people with artistic or mystical inclinations.

Romantic, creative, gentle, and adaptable, people born with Venus trine Neptune naturally express the finer qualities of mysterious and dreamy Neptune in their love relationships. Their imaginations are rich and their fantasy worlds well-developed. 

They are turned off by rudeness and crudeness, and are drawn to beauty in its many forms. They are very giving and generous, but may be a little on the submissive side, or sometimes downright lazy, failing to take the initiative when situations call for it.

Your romantic nature is enhanced through the influence of Venus in trine aspect to Neptune. When you’re in love, you create an atmosphere of magical possibilities which transport you into another dimension.

Although you have some tendency to hold unrealistic expectations of those you love, you do it in such a caring manner that people are surprised by apparently miraculous changes. You may know when it’s time to forgive and move on, which allows you to remain open to feelings of joy even in the midst of change. Your devotion to high ideals also plays a part in your love relationships, and you are capable of sustaining a love which originates at a very powerful level and which will last through eternity.

You are comfortable sharing the secrets of your heart.

Stay Wild and Free,

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