Generation Xers –> “Pluto in Virgos” (1956-1972) Versus Generation Xers + Millennials –> “Pluto in Libras” (1972-1984)

While the Pluto in Virgo ♍️ Generation focused primarily on work, polices, health and earth transformation, the Pluto in Libra ♎️ Generation is more concerned with love, relationships, human rights and equality.

Pluto in Virgo

Most Pluto in Virgos fit into two categories – “the Yuppies” and “the Slackers”. The Slacker generation (later rebooted by the Pluto in Scorpio Generation) embraced grunge rock and rejected the pull of materialism. Perhaps aware on some level that the world was about to change, many of them went from job to job and thought about career completely differently from any other previous generation.

Pluto In Libra Goddess
Pluto In Libra Goddess

Growing up with feminist moms, the Pluto in Libra ♎️ Generation appreciates equal opportunities not only for women, but for everyone. Civil rights, gay rights and sexual equality are a hallmark of this generation.  The acceptance of single mothers raising children, of marriage equality, and the idea that long term romantic relationships can be successful and prosperous – these ideas are all part of the Libra generation’s revolution.

Pluto In Libra

With Venus as the ruling planet of Libra – beauty, love, and the arts are also extremely significant to this generation.

Since Libra is the sign of ‘the scales’ (justice) as well as harmony, and since Pluto is the planet of transformation, it isn’t any wonder that this generation is doing so much to transform the way we view fairness and equality, particularly when it comes to relationships. ♥️

Pluto in Libra‘s motto is ‘justice for all’.

I’m proud to be one of them. ♎️☮✌

Peace and light,


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