Kheiron Astrology

And so 25 years ago today, one of the most significant events for this generation – the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Here’s the sunrise chart for Berlin on 9 November 1989.

How amazing is this:


I love the fabulous Grand Trine coming from this emotional, universal Moon in Pisces, and that astoundingly powerful trine  from an exalted Jupiter in Cancer, getting an added imperative to heal from Chiron in conjunction.

Both the Moon and Jupiter focusing elemental energy onto a stellium of four planets in Scorpio (archetypal sign of power and transformation!)

And not just any four planets – here we have the two rulers of Scorpio –  Mars and Pluto – joining hands with the Sun, focus of creative energy; and Mercury, Messenger of the Gods come to herald great changes!

And there’s Dark Moon Lilith joining the party, demanding to be free at all costs!

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