We’re doing awesome! Tricky part’s coming up! So let’s tell Chairman Mark Cole if no one else fits your schedule that the Equal Rights Amendment is not a stealth “abortion bill”. More info below! Peace, love, ratify! –Paradise

Virginia ERA Network

Happy ERA Monday, Virginia!
HEY! Hurray! So, the good senators in our fair state saw the error of their ways and have voted to pass the resolution to ratify of the Equal Rights Amendment!!!

Many, many thanks to all of you who acted in response their astonishing lapse of reason.
Now, on to the House of Delegates!! As we all know, this where our work gets harder. The House P&E Committee is where the ERA has often met its death.
If you contact no one else, please at least contact the Chair of the committee, Delegate Mark Cole.
I think the best sample email we can send would be the one below: but feel free to recycle any of the previous ones you’d like. Just visit the blog archive to find them (links at left).
Copy this email address list to your TO…

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