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Published January 14, 2015 by Paradise Kendra

Badass tips and a brief but impeccable education for links and editorial writing! Pssst, now go write letters!!!

Virginia ERA Network

Letters to the the editor really matter right now. Most Americans, and especially younger ones, think that the Equal Rights Amendment is a done deal, that women are in The Constitution. Not So. It’s a confusion because the bill did pass the House and Senate, but ratification failed by a handful of votes in a few states. (Most people just don’t understand how ratificationworks.) And certainly, no one knows that the sundown provision (deadline) for ratification that was applied to the Equal Rights Amendment was highly unusual — unique. Bobbie Francis has concise and excellent history at the NCWO’s (just scroll down a bit).

Once this problem is explained,
most people are amazed and angered and want to do something.

The Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition offers a great tool to help you write letters to the editor to important national and local papers.

If you’re inclined…

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