ERA Campaign — Week 2

Published December 9, 2014 by Paradise Kendra

Let’s get loud.

Virginia ERA Network

The idea behind VA ERA NET’s campaign is to create a background noise of “ERA NOW” for all our legislators, Federal and State. Random calls and emails, coming in no pattern, from all over the state, to all of their offices — and tweets to their Twitters, messages to their Facebook pages. — And they all have them.

It’s OK that we’re not going to say the same thing every week. It’s OK that we’re going to spread our calls out for while. Like I said: Background noise. We’re feminists. Business as usual is not our thing.

Also, look for your representative’s town hall meeting dates and go to them. (Click on their names below, and in a few clicks, you can get to their webpages.)

  • If they do support ratification of full civil rights for women, thank them warmly and publicly. There’s nothing like kindness and encouragement to keep…

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