The ERA as a radical, and intersectional project

Published November 16, 2014 by Paradise Kendra

Flawless!!! Let the ERA take it from intersectional to non-sectional. ALL women included under the constitution period. Let’s rock this!

Virginia ERA Network

It’s not just equal pay or access to all your constitutionally guaranteed medical care.

I’m watching voting rights being torn apart by atavistic political actors who can’t keep their jobs fair and square so they’re doing it by cheating and thievery. The trouble with voting rights is that they are not inviolable. The Civil Rights Act is just a regular law. Like the Affordable Care Act, its integrity and existence is a matter of the political power available to its enemies. Act is an important word here. Its much stronger cousin is the word Amendment. Amendments enumerate rights that are inviolable, or endowed upon us by our Creator, if you prefer.

The ERA, while historically the project of a certain relatively privileged class of white women, is one of the most politically radical and forever landscape altering proposals ever made.

That’s why it’s not yet law.

That’s why it has…

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