1) The “first time” will hurt. MYTH


Not necessarily. And if your lover’s terrible, it might hurt any time. Passion and foreplay were invented for a reason. ♥♥♥

(pssst, no, fellas, you can’t blame this one on size. Sorry.)

2) If a man spends money on you, you owe him.  MYTH


This myth is perhaps more damaging to men than it is to women. It distorts men’s perception of courtship, romance, and has halted much of their motivation to be the “knight and shining armor”.

This is the first era in which both men and women consider the woman paying for her own dinner and then opening her legs afterwards an act of liberation.

Sex has nothing to do with the price of the swordfish he buys you. It has to do with how much you want him and that may be on the first date before dinner or it may be never. But “owing” will never be part of the equation of desire.

3) Men don’t need to be taking on equal roles in the contraception process. MYTH

Men have reproductive systems and cycles too…not to mention their own birth control methods. Health/sex ed classes didn’t cover that? 


4) Nobody ”makes love” anymore. MYTH

So many people try to go from kinky ➡ passionate when the order is passionate ➡ kinky. Sex in its most authentic form is about two things.

Connection and freedom.

The freer you feel, the more passion you will. The more respect you feel, the freer you will feel to express your passion.

If you add love on top of all of those layers — it’s fireworks.

It’s really after you’ve experienced these other expressions with your lover that the “kinks” can truly begin.

The freedom and passion is the “making love”. Indulge in it, enjoy it, and treasure it.

–Paradise Kendra