Jupiter in Leo (July 2014 to August 2015) – A Year of Luxury

Published October 6, 2014 by Paradise Kendra

Transiting Jupiter in Leo : Pot of Gold

Time to think BIG!

Indulge in a year of cosmic riches, mountains of diamond crowns and a larger than life celestial carnival.


 Transiting Jupiter left Cancer and entered Leo on July 16 and lasts until August, 2015.  A year of luxury, expansion, opportunity, fireworks, good faith, humor and larger than life emotional responses.

Here we move from the gloating “mother” figure (Cancer) to the glowing, enthusiast child (Leo) with the paintbrush to develop all of our talents.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the previous ruler of Pisces, ruler of Aquarius in esoteric astrology and exalts in Cancer.  Everything Jupiter touches comes to life and Leo is the bouncing pulse of the zodiac.


Traditionally regarded as the ‘greater benefic’ of the solar system, Jupiter is the cosmic lottery ticket who spins favor and fortune to those in its path.  The majestic throne of Leo absolutely soaks up its visit from her sister Fire planet and relishes in the most spectacular display of sparkling sunshine.  The themes of Jupiter in Leo revel in regal self-expression and generate creative sparks, political amendment, pleasure playgrounds and social idealism. There are generous resources of collective charity here (Leo) and the motivation to do what is ‘good’ and ‘right’ for humanity on behalf of ethos (Jupiter) and those who need protection, justice and safety.



This is the time of magnificent fundraising events, musical festivals, abundance, blessings, court proceedings, trips to Broadway and health advances (particularly relating to the heart). We express the radiance of Leo through artwork, play, novelty and the quest for self.  Jupiter wants us to find our best selves and encourages the elated cosmic dance through the universe.

Transiting Jupiter through Leo ignites a flame of spiritual power where intuitive sources of esoteric knowledge are readily available. This comes through the direct self-experience (Leo) and engaging with foreigners and educated mentors (Jupiter). Networking opportunities and ‘right time right moment’ experiences expand in occurrence and open the door to new windows of chance.

Jupiter in Leo is a flamboyant period that may be marked by a childbirth boom, total ostentatious spending sprees, love affairs and a general over extravagance. So this can make us feel good. Too good. Too comfortable, too confident, and overzealous. The big planets here can make the eyes larger than the stomach and provoke gambling streaks, the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, sugar excess and the glorious indulgence in all of life’s pleasures.


 The spotlight may be shone on the political sphere through government employees, and with Saturn forming a square to Jupiter the conditions may relate to austerity measures and job losses.  Bureaucratic policies may align to greater wisdom and ethics rather than radical ideology.  We may become more oriented toward measures of good health or completely overdo culinary gratification.

Robert Hand suggests that “life flows more easily” during a Jupiter transit. The powers of thought manifestation and cosmic gift giving are accelerated during this period so we get what we wish for – whether this is positive dreaming or catastrophized worry. When we join Jupiter and Leo on the cosmic merry go round of delight and shared optimism, the starry riches of the universe shine on us in conscious rebound.

Sources:  astrolocherry.com

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