Right here, right now. Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aires, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn

Published August 16, 2014 by Paradise Kendra

SaturnCafeAstrologySaturn in Scorpio (2010-2014) All Our Relations – The Country Under Pressure and Authority Under X-ray

I am another you. Use the pole shift of values now underway for wise reconciliations of oppositional stances. Honor our word with First World peoples. Facilitate review and release ancient, tired stories. Offer up our wounds to heal. Bear witness. In love we trust. Justice rules.


UranusCafeAstrologyUranus in Aires (2011-2018) Survival of the Wittiest – Women at Battle and Erotic Emancipation


Individual authenticity rescues the whole. Keep and use your wits. Face adversity with spontaneous innovative adaptations free from the restraints of fear. Reframe problems – rename solutions. Be resilient. Wildness rules.

Uranus hurtles through Aires,
In unpredictable, brilliant, often chaotic rebellions
As we invent a very new world.


Uranus continues on its sparkling,
Unsettling adventure, jolting awake the bold Aires force,
–our evolutionary pioneer,
Our genius so needed when the old ways no longer work.


  Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025) Can Beauty Save the World? – Physical and the Fantasy Blurs ~ Romance, the Magicks, Mystical and Flower Power are Reborn

We save what we love. Illusions and reflections, oh my. Image will shift from polarity consciousness to the field of unity consciousness. Become a source of light. Awake the inner eye. Be seen. Bless the way. Dance the new dance. Resonance rules.

Neptune swims and swirls through its own sign of Pisces,
Dissolving us back into our oceanic collective oneness.
Spiritual and creative inspirations flow


PlutoCafeAstrologyPluto in Capricorn ~ A Mutual Reception to Saturn in Scorpio, Heightened Power during 2010-2014 ~ (2008-2023) The Rudder of Reality ~ Transformation of Authority


Pluto ruthlessly tears down and rebuilds Capricorn;
big businesses and institutions transform
as individuals reclaim their own authority


Old structures are rattled to the bones,
Tumbling and crumbling.
Experience and wisdom become rich commodities in the new market.


Shared accountability hold us up. Character building for all. Periodically reverse course and throw off dubious accumulations. Reveal the hidden order of our deepest connections. Be kinship makers. Recognition rules.


Wildness Rules!

These pieces are collected verses inspired and pieced together from the incredible works of We’Moon.  I’ve continued adding my own astrological and transit information but I cannot thank the artists and astrologers from We’Moon enough.  Everyone go grab your We’Moon 2015 Datebook/Calendar!  xoxo!

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