Who (So far!) Has Endorsed the Oregon Equal Rights Amendment?

Published July 19, 2014 by Paradise Kendra

Go ERA! Go! ♀(*)♀

5 comments on “Who (So far!) Has Endorsed the Oregon Equal Rights Amendment?

  • Thanks for reposting this! If we can pass a state ERA in Oregon even Hillary Clinton thinks doing so will be a big impetus to get the federal ERA passed! Go Virginia!

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  • Of course! I’m so excited that the ERA is getting so much coverage by so many states again. Congratulations on all those endorsements! John Kitzhaber is a great man, always a pleasure to hear him speak. Also of course love Jeff Merkley and Suzanne Bonamici. Go Oregon! *returns the good vibes* xoxo


    Virginia NOW
    Communications VP/Webmistress


  • We have to re-elect Jeff Merkley! The Koch brothers just threw $2 million into his opponents campaign for TV ads starting mid-August. His opponent is a pediatric neurosurgeon and sounds great on paper, but she is terrible. Thought Hobby Lobby was decided correctly. Has domestic violence issues. Etc.. Jeff is fabulous and so right on all of the issues (I think I’ve disagreed with him only once, and it couldn’t have been terribly important because I don’t remember what it was). And Suzanne Bonamici is also great. Kitzhaber should have a fairly easy race (I hope). I’m a bit worried about Merkley, but he is currently way ahead in the polls. We are really pretty lucky in Oregon; it is generally a blue state, and fairly progressive.

    Virginia is one of my favorite states, not so much for the politics (you have to fight awfully hard to get even a moderate), but for its shear beauty. Also its history.


  • Yes!!! Pleeease re-elect Jeff! Egh, the Koch brothers. Now there’s a class act. 😤 Oregon’s a fabulous state. Wildly unconventional, progressive (an Aquarius state, fyi, 😜) and therefore in many many ways not participating in “everyone else’s” guidelines unless they’re still relevant. I adore that!!! It’s a brilliant and quirky state!

    No retail tax when you make a purchase, some of the best privacy ethics I’ve *ever* seen, and the fooood! *drools*

    So I love Oregon too. 😉

    Virginia is wonderful. It really is for lovers. You feel that when you get here. Also a state of wineries, festivals, theatre, beaches, antique shops, etc., it is open and welcoming.

    I love that it’s named after two women, Queen Elizabeth 1 and the first colonial person born on USA territory, Virginia Dare. ✌

    What city are you in?


    Virginia NOW
    Communications VP/Webmistress


  • Depoe Bay, on the Central Oregon Coast. A touristy little town with really “quirky” politics. We live outside city limits which is a blessing. We have spectacular ocean views and sunsets.


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