"Woman" by Gina DeMarco

Feminism is not solely about politics.  Feminism is about the sheer glory of being a woman.  It’s everything that is groovy and awesome about womankind, our empowerment, our past, present, and our future.  It is not a movement run by politics, campaign election schedules, nor should any woman feel like becoming a “political advocate junkie” is a prerequisite to joining the feminist advocacy movement in order to bring something valuable to the table.


The political movement involving feminist equality exists because in the United States of America, women are not included in the Constitution.  This screws us over in glaringly obvious ways as well as more socially unconscious ways that we as a culture think of as “normal” because it’s been this way for so long.

However, why do political feminists lose sight of the everyday joy of being a woman? It’s because they have to fight the most unethical people and one of the only ways to stay focused is to become detached.  That’s one reason.  But there’s another reason.  A less noble reason.

Some feminist advocates are not feminists at all.

They’re social justice warriors who needed a cause and they picked the feminist movement.

In a few months they’ll move onto the LGBTQ movement, animal rights, and so on.  What many people don’t realize is that politics, social justice, canvassing and advocacy can become extraordinarily addicting.  And when you’re simply addicted to being part of “a movement”, you tend to copy and repeat all the things said around you while you’re learning the ropes.  You don’t have any revolutionary capabilities of your own, which unfortunately is the only way change does happen and the issues and problems are solved.

So with such a large number of social justice addicts instead of true lovers of the individual movements themselves, no wonder there are so many people desensitized to the dirty laundry within their own organizations.

However, being as that we, the feminist advocates, know we’re just as normal as everyone else (relatively speaking), that we iron our clothes, cook homemade meals, love and tend to our jobs and families, do all the “normal”, possibly ‘unfeministy’ things that oh my yes, a non-feminist woman might do, how come the majority topics on so many feminist advocacy pages are…

  • Choice/Repro Rights
  • Rape Culture — “Which is really just another word for Patriarchy – the system that convinces men that they are not enough, not alpha-enough, not strong-enough, sexed-enough. This is how it controls them. And some of them get tired and angry.  Some of them become pathological narcissists and violently hurt lots of people — often women — to get even.” (C) Simone Roberts

I know it seems bleak with all the updates on kidnapping and rape, but feminists need to post a LOT more on success, joy, love and pleasure.  And not like those weird, “hey this woman had 13 orgasms while brushing her teeth!” whatever the eff…stories.  (By the way, hats off to that woman and her multitasking abilities, though…sorta, lol)  Like, every day, relate-able, joyous woman pleasure stories.  If you can’t count on a feminist organization to make you feel good about being female, then where the hell can you go?  🙂

  • Equality in the Workplace
  • Health Care

How many posts on women and “preventive services”, domestic violence counseling, mammograms, STI screenings and mental health support, do we actually need streaming in a feminist timeline?  Really?  As if these are the only things a feminist advocate has to post about over and over claiming this goes under the subject of feminist empowerment?

This is supposed to make women feel better about themselves?  Dude.

  1. A patient’s medical care should be private.  Not a marketing tactic in every politician’s campaign ad.
  2. If this is supposed to be the summary under women’s healthcare, it’s inaccurate and the marketing blows.  Mammograms, if that’s your choice of treatment, are not female specific, and listing them under women is misleading.  So is domestic violence, STI screenings and mental health support.

Doctors are doctors for a reason.  Let them advertise their services to you.  Not feminist advocacy organizations.  For one thing, doctors (depending their level of expertise and well…ethics) may do this accurately and privately.  For another, they can provide you the information without it being listed in such a way that it sounds like these are all things that automatically make up a woman’s life.  As if she should expect domestic violence, cancer, mental instability at some point in her lifetime, and so forth.  (…and this is today’s feminism?  sheesh.)

And YES, listing these specific services under “women’s healthcare” in internet posts over and over again will subsequently link these conditions in people’s minds with “women”, however medically inaccurate it is. Especially to the people who have subscribed to feminist lists that continually blast them.   It will also be the tactic that doctors and insurance companies will use to suggest and enforce regulated tests even if you don’t need nor want them.  Men will not be required the same treatment and that is how women will end up “paying more” anyway.  More so, it’s insulting and intrusive.

BeautifulWomanI don’t like it when feminist organizations do this very same thing.  The, “Let’s scare the shit out of people in order to get repeat business and we have no other formula” means you lack talent, skill, and I’m not putting my trust in your ability to be iconoclastic.

Perhaps this may come across as a shock, but I love being a woman.

I don’t think there’s any downside to being a woman at all, not really.  I don’t think I look at our complexities, our bodies, our minds, our love, our power, our delight, our rage, our fun and our connection to everything and our only downside is when we fail to notice that.  That’s the one thing men have over us.

They see not only the positives in themselves but they see the glory in us.  ‘Tis why they’re either completely enchanted or completely threatened by us. So we really need to see a little more of ourselves with their eyes from time to time and we could stop feeling guilty and enjoy a little more confidence!

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