“What are you rebelling against?”  “Whaddya got?”

“When the Enlightenment started, we forgot about God and decided we could understand the world around us for ourselves.  We could think, learn!  And that was the beginning of the end of religion having total control over people’s lives.”

 “And then there was the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.”

“Before rock ‘n’ roll, music was generally “a family thing”.  You’d have pianos and radios in the living room and family songs as your music.

Rock ‘n’ roll was specifically created by young people and aimed at young people.  As it progressed, it became about freedom, love, sex, and ideas that parents didn’t want you having.  They didn’t want you listening to lyrics about dancing all night or being so in love that you’d run away for the summer or defying authority and having independence.

Teenagers had no power.

There had never been movies, books, or products of aimed at teenagers before rock ‘n’ roll.  Ever.

Rock ‘n’ roll gave power and a voice to youth.  There was no such thing as products on shelves in stores for teenagers.  Seriously.

Before rock ‘n’ roll you had “the family”.  Your family chose your clothes, your products and your ideas were mostly provided to you.  If you were a teenager and you wanted clothes, your parents would go out and buy them and you would wear them.  There was no discussion, no “individuality” that we’re so used to.”

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

“‘Respect your elders,’ was a line my mother constantly said to me and when I replied, ‘Why?’ it was not a question she was prepared to handle.  “Children should be seen and not heard.”

It was not routinely asked before the Pluto in Leo generation.

We needed it asked.”




(C)ourtesy of my mother. 
My favorite genuine hippie.