A little fabulous advice from Kim Brecheen, the CEO and founder of Slumber Parties, Inc., the in-home direct sales company specializing in the education of relationship enhancement products!


Remember going on a date and your friends would tell you “just be yourself?” Same with that really important job interview? It actually sounds easier than it is. That’s because at that moment, the focus is on you.

In our Slumber Parties world, many Consultants want to duplicate what other Consultants are doing – either their demonstrations, recruiting skills, team meetings, etc. Duplicating these ideas and skills are fantastic for your business. Picking up one-liners from each other is easy breezy, recruiting ideas are meant to be shared and team meetings are focused on learning – just remember:  you have your own personality and it should SHINE. That’s what will set you apart and encourage others to duplicate your skills.

Think of how many television shows or maybe friends that you’ve seen that weren’t being authentic. It shows. Again, be yourself.

People can spot and follow the real…

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