Happy V-Day All!

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VaginaMonologues“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.”  — Eve Ensler

Dance, celebrate, and rejoice on V-Day (Vagina Day) AKA Valentine’s Day!  Take the day for you and celebrate your vagina, in any way you want.

My short skirt
is not an invitation
a provocation
an indication
that I want it
or give it
or that I hook.
My short skirt
is not begging for it
it does not want you
to rip it off me
or pull it up or down.
My short skirt
is not a legal reason
for raping me
although it has been before
it will not hold up
in the new court.
My short skirt, believe it or not,
has nothing to do with you.
My short skirt
is about discovering
the power of my…

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